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Can I get private student loans?

I'm currently undocumented but will soon get legal status with DACA and my SSN. But can I get private student loans without going to college but self-study the college courses at home? I have my parent as the cosigner and our credit histories are very clean. Do I go to my mom's bank and ask for it? What application do I need to fill out? Where do I get the form?

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Once you are legal, you will be able to apply for student loans, but most all loan agencies or banks require you to be enrolled in an accredited technical or four-year college. You can choose to do that by attending the classes on campus or via the internet since most campuses now offer the same courses online as in classrooms.

Colleges have financial aid offices and the help you know how to apply for grants, lottery, and scholarship assistances as well. They will also do the most of the loan processes with you to be sure you get what is needed to cover your expenses and to be sure that you will have enough aid to get through your completion of whichever degree program you are enrolled in.

I worked on campus tutoring for the college while attending classes myself, so if you do enroll in college, many of them have tutoring services that are free for you while you remain student status. As far as this type of tutoring goes, college loans will not financially pay for these lessons. Although, many times you will qualify for more money, which will be called 'overage', and that money can be put into an account for your personal use (ie...books, rent, living expenses, etc...) to help you get through each semester financially. You have the decision to use that overage towards whatever you like, which in reality could be applied to tutoring services if you choose to.

In order to qualify for student loans and financial aid through the Federal Department of Education, you will first have to complete a FAFSA. You can do that at

Once you have completed that application, you will need to know the school codes to the colleges that you have interests in so that they can apply that information to your financial information and be sure that your financial aid would be applied to the correct college campus.

I hope this helps! Any other questions- let me know. I have helped with the admission process in college for years. Good Luck!!

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Once you have legal status, you can apply for some loans.

In order to get a student loan from the government, you must be enrolled in an accredited school. There are many accredited schools that offer on-line courses that you can take at home.

Private tutoring (such as contracted through Wyzant) would not qualify for a low interest government loan as each tutor is an independent contractor. HOWEVER, some tutoring centers are officially accredited, and there are special loans you might qualify for if you are attending one of them.

Here is a link that may help you:

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Universities and colleges have Finanacial Aid Departments. You can ask them orjust  ivsit layers office for consultation. I don't think they will charge to much for the service.