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How do I download free textbooks to bit torrent?

I just downloaded bit torrent software but I don't know how to download free textbooks to bit torrent. I suppose you use the website to do it but where do I type the name of my textbook and how do I download it?

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James P. | Slightly Epic Math TutoringSlightly Epic Math Tutoring
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I've downloaded my textbooks whenever I could in the past, but most of the time torrent sites don't have the book you need. 

Give a try, if that doesn't work, buy/rent your books from or . For some books amazon is better, and for other chegg has the better deal. 

Whatever you do, don't buy it at your school book store - That's practically highway robbery. 

Kristi S. | Reading and Writing ProfessorReading and Writing Professor

I found a helpful site for you! This site will answer your questions about downloading free content. Be careful not to download copyrighted material.