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How do I download 'bit torrent' software?

I need this software so bad right now but I don't know how to do this. It's for downloading textbooks for free. Give me the instructions step by step. Thanks.


Theoretically...yes. IF someone on that torrent has those text and has left those files open for sharing. That is a big if.  However, unless the books are freeware - you also risk loosing everything off your computer. The "tried & true" method is to ask your peers where they got their textbooks from. I am sure you are not the only broke student whom doesn't have money for textbooks. 

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I found a helpful site for you! This site will answer your questions about downloading free content.

Be sure to check for legal issues. You should never use copyrighted material.

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Bit torrent software is generally ...not legal. Many textbooks can be found online for free doing a simple Google search. Also, your library has many textbooks.As for downloading and installing any software - the instructions can be Googled.

With some software, particularly the types that share files - your PC is open to all sorts of intrusions, virus, and Trojan attacks from everyone online. Some companies go so far as to infect their software with trojans so when you upload them on a torrent- they bomb your computer. This is to prevent theft of their product. So, I would strongly advise against using Bit Torrent, Lymewire, or software like those.