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property of angle

the sum of two angles in a triangle is greater than third angle? 

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Abb, I used to live in Jamaica, NY! I think we need a little more information about your problem.

Is this a question that you need to prove or disprove? 

Is this concerning any triangle or certain type of triangle?

Or are you supposed to state the situations where it will be true or false?

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The sum of two angles in a triangle is equal to 160-(third angle). So it is possible that the sum of two angles in a triangle is greater than the third angle, if the third angle is greater than 80. This is because 160-80=80 and 160-(anything greater than 80)<80 meaning that the sum of the two angles would be less than 80.


The sum of all angles in a triangle is 180*, not 160*. As long as the "third angle" is less than 90* (acute), the sum of the other two angles MUST be larger. This can be true of any triangle, depending on the angles you are referring to in the triangle.