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Math word problem

mr ohi is monitoring his sodium intake so he switched to drinking low sodium v8 juice. Regular v8 juice has 420mg of sodium per 8oz serving whereas low sodium v8 juice has 141mg of sodium per 8oz... more


I have a question from an example in my notes today that I just dont understand. It asks about the area bound by the two equations

The example starts off Consider the region bounded by y = x^2 and y = −8x + 33. so I drew it out like she asked and its a parabola with a line through it. I got confused when she referenced the... more

Plz help w number pattern

What number continues the pattern   7 16 8 27 9 ?


physics help

An arrow is fired horizontally from the top of a 50.0 m vertical cliff and lines 120 m away. At what speed was the arrow fired? Show your work please 

The sum of two consecutive integers is 13

The sum of two consecutive integers is13  


Find x and y component of vector a ?

a) Find the x component of vector a (4.0m/s^2 , -y direction)    b) Find the y compoent of vector a  (4.0m/s^2 , -y direction)    What I dont understand is " -y direction" . On the cartesian... more


The sum is equivalent to? - Show Work

The sum of (2h -2), (3h-1), (h+2), (h+5), and (3h+1) is equivalent to:   A. 8h - 11 B. 8h + 11 C. 8h + 5 D. 10h + 5 E. 10h + 11   Choose one and explain & show work

Statistic Sample Question

Suppose that you bought a package of 5 generic batteries for a new shower radio you received as a gift. However, unknown to you, one of the five batteries is defective (will not transfer any... more


Maths problem in desciption any help is needed. I appreciate all who choose to.

Zaina is curious about numbers that contain the number 2016. She insists that the digits 0, 1, 2, 6 occur only once in the number and they appear as the uninterrupted sequence 2016. She calls such... more


How many pounds of nuts costing $8 per pound must be mixed with 6 pounds of nuts costing $5 per pound to yield a mixture costing $7 per pound?

I do not understand how to solve. I have tried different equations, but have failed to solve for x, which would be the pounds.

word problems

a truck can be rented from company A for $80 a day plus $0.50 per mile. company B charges $60 a day plus $0.90 per mile To rent the same truck. Find the numblr of miles in a day at which the rental... more

How to solve a algebra question that I'm having trouble with

The question is Maggie's brother is three years younger than twice her age. The sum of their age is 24. How old is maggie 


by using only three 5's how can I get answer as 3?

Only these symbols like +, -, /, *,squareroots should be used.


How tall is the other building?

A surveillance camera is mounted on top of a building that is 80m tall. The angle of elevation from the camera to the top of another building is 42 degress. The angle of depression from the camera... more


Rates of Change

A container is being filled with water. After t seconds the depth of water, x cm, in the container is increasing at the rate of 1.44tcm/s.Given that the container is empty when t=0, use calculus to... more


y = 5 + 16x - 2x^2

Finding the vertex of, y = 5 + 16x - 2x^2


Two planes, which are 1570 miles apart, fly toward each other. Their speeds differ by 85 mph. If they pass each other in 2 hours, what is the speed of each?

I honestly really really really am struggling with this and I don't know how the heck to do it. please please please help me!

Write an equation or system of equations and then use those equations to answer the question.

A passenger jet took three hours to fly 1800 miles in the direction of the Jetstream. The return trip against the Jetstream took four hours. What is the jet's speed in still air and the jetstream's... more


A child's bank account contained twice as many nickels as pennies and two-thirds as many dimesas nickels, the total value being at least $3.65.

Find the smallest possible number of coins in the bank.   (Ans: 65 coins ) Solve.  Show each step. 

Bearings - Size of the angle

I know that N ane E is 90º between each other but what is S and ESE? Apparently it's 67º30', I don't understand it, please help me!


this is a problem for some beginning math in a college chem class

5) Now, you're a metallurgist. You have 24 lb. of Zn (zinc) on hand and want to prepare an alloycontaining 35 wt % Zn and 65 wt % Cu. How many grams of copper (Cu) will you need to use up allthe... more

Why do I still get 0.0929 instead of 0.0938 even if I use the right formula?

I am calculating bond's yield of maturity. The formula can be found here:   It's (((Face Value - Purchase Price)+Coupon... more

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