Can technical writing suck less?

I currently have the prospect of writing a considerable amount of technical documentation (describing interactions with an extremely complex online service). I consider myself a reasonably... more

Is the following ungrammatical expression common in speech?

> Don't be ashamed. It was cute, like a shy teenager. I'm not very sure if this is a grammatical mistake, but I think the correct version would look like this: > Don't be ashamed. It was... more

When did it become accepted to tilt your soup bowl in the US?

My mother and I are having a bit of an argument. Emily Post, my cotillion training, and the internet at large agree: if you want the last bit of soup, you tilt the bowl away from you. My mother... more

Did Ancient or Medieval People Know About Underground Rivers/Lakes?

If they did, did they utilize them for farming? If so, how would they?

Why are US cabinet ministers called secretaries?

The members of the US cabinet are called secretaries. Why it is so? In what other countries besides the US and pre-WWII USSR ministers were called by a different word (in the USSR they were... more


What is an interesting name

How was the current month and day disseminated to the townspeople of Medieval Europe?

How was the current month and day disseminated to the townspeople of the Medieval Europe? I'm quite sure that personal calendars weren't a thing back then... but I could be wrong... If they had a... more

Can someone please help me write a 100 word paragraph/passage with the following words, please, its due?!!

These are the words (you have to pick eight, but there is more than eight so it isn't specific but only pick 8):frayed, expose, dynamic, repeal, armistice, headlines, affluence, vicinity,... more

English and French reading rules?

Lieutenant is a word of French origin, and it is read as /le**f**ˈtenənt/. I've never learnt French and I don't know anything about French reading rules, unfortunately. But I guess the English... more

Understanding composition within a complaint letter

I need help writing and understanding composition in my complaint letter for an exam that I need to complete. At which part of my complaint letter does a composition need to be added and what does... more

Why, in the US, is Japanese brutality ignored compared with the Nazi brutality in WW2?

I have read up a bit about WW2 on my own and have always pondered, why in the USA is the brutality and actions of the Japanese during WW2 always downplayed compared with the brutalities and... more


Do you pronounce words in your head when reading?

Whenever I read (silently), I hear a voice in my head speaking the written words. I've tried to mute this voice while reading, but have been unable to thus far. Is this a universal aspect of... more


How much seconds for punctuation when we read a loud text?

I have one question that when we read text for **comma, semi-colon** we use approximately **1 second of pause** and for **period and colon** there is **2 second of pause** but I also want to know... more


Why is English written and read left to right?

Why is English written and read from left-to-right as opposed to right-to-left, top-to-bottom, or (not even sure any language does this) bottom-to-top?

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