AP Statistics Word Problem

Grayson has an average of 17.3 points scored per game with a standard deviation of 4.2. Whitney has an average of 18.9 points per game with a standard deviation of 7.5. Find the mean of the... more


Need help answering this questions as soon as possible.

1: What happens in a molecular level that allows an analyze to absorb light at a certain wavelength.2: Why are you using a specific wavelength of light to record absorbance measurements for the dye... more


MATH HELP ( growth models)

Suppose the population of a small town is 11000 and growing exponentially at 1.8 %. How many years until the population reaches 26000?


Defect rate of 10%

Acme’s widgets have a defect rate of 10%. Find the probability that 2 widgets are broken in a 3 pack. Acme’s widgets have a defect rate of 10%. Find the probability that 3 widgets are broken in a... more

Assume that human body temperatures are normally distributed with a mean of 98.18 degrees F and a standard deviation of 0.62 degrees F

a. A hospital uses 100.6°F as the lowest temperature considered to be a fever. What percentage of normal and healthy persons would be considered to have a​ fever? Does this percentage suggest that... more

The percentage of women that have weights between those limits is

Assume that military aircraft use ejection seats designed for men weighing between 131.7 lb and 206 lb. If​ women's weights are normally distributed with a mean of 165.5lb and a standard deviation... more


What is the probability that MRA will make at least $100,000 (round to 2 decimals)?

The following table is a partial probability distribution for the MRA Company’s projected profits ( profit in  s) for the first year of operation (the negative value denotes a loss).... more


Probability calculation

According to the "January theory," if the stock market is up for the month of January, it will be up for the year. If it is down in January, it will be down for the year. According to an article... more

Need help with this statistical biology question

for 2 genes Tp53 and MYC if event A={mutated Tp53}, B= {mutated Myc} and p(A)= p(A|B) can you prove that MYC mutation or not is independent with TP53 genotype?  (Hint: consider genotype of each... more

Calculate temporary and permanent hardness of water sample containing following salts

GivenCa(CO3)2 = 40.5 mg/litCaSO4 = 6.8 mg/litCaCl2 = 38.85 mg/litMgSO4 = 6 mg/litMgCl2 = 3.8 mg/litSiO2 = 6 mg/lit


Word problem. Which Billiard Ball Is Rigged?

You have 12 billiard balls. To the naked eye, they all look identical, and in your hand, they all feel identical. One of the balls, however, is slightly heavier or slightly lighter than the others,... more


Determining break/border of movement?

A population given inhabiting an area. I can trace every individual and I've got the hypothesis there is a break in distribution like individuals born in the upper half of the area will rarely move... more

what is the name for earths supply of water

What is forecast in logistics?


What do all waves share in common?

What does planck's curve explain?

What is electromagnetic theory?

Is there any case that changed from earthquake safe zone to danger zone?

Is there any case that changed from earthquake safe zone to danger zone? As plates move, I think that earthquakes belt will change over time. But is there really a case in which the earthquake-safe... more


Does the edge effect promote biodiversity?

I define the edge effect as: *A term used to describe what occurs at habitat boundaries where two bordering communities influence one another.* My question is whether it generally leads to an... more


How does the snail shells' fertilizer compare to regular fertilizers?

May I ask about the quality of the fertilizer derived from the shells and their effectiveness compared to other fertilizers on the market ?


Calculating photosynthetic efficiency?

While calculating photosynthetic efficiency, do we take into account the Gross Primary Production or the Net Primary Production ?


Does the biosphere have infinite resources and are they infinitely renewable?

Does biomass represent all of the resources of the biosphere and therefore it would be theoretically infinitely renewable (as long as we have the sun) since all the biomass is part of the carbon... more


Why is the Mediterranean sea water so salty?

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