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AP Literature Open Essay Prompt from 1994 (submitted by a tutor to show sample English essay)

In some works of literature, a character who appears briefly, or does not appear at all, is a significant presence. Choose a novel or play of literary merit and write an essay in which you show how... more

Suppose an elevator is 400 feet above the ground. It descends at a steady rate. After 15 seconds it is 250 feet above the ground.

a. Write a linear function for height of the elevator as a function of time b. Is it reasonable to include negative numbers in a range?

Please Help. System of Equation Problem

At a store a frying pan costs two dollars less than two thirds as much as a food processor, and a coffee maker costs nine dollars less then three times as much as a frying pan. Ten food processors... more


Ratio question

the ingredients for making pindapple sorbet for 6 people are; 800g pineapple 4 eggs 1/2 lemon  100g caster sugar   I use 3 lemons How many people do I make pineapple for

System of Equations

Solve the system of Equations.    X+y+z=3 x-y+2z=9 5x+y+z=15


factor the expression x2-22x+40  

how many complete seasons can the team play without repeating a line-up?

There are nine different positions on a baseball team. If a team has 12 players how many different line-ups can the team make? answer: 79833600   PLEASE SOLVE THIS QUESTION Baseball games... more


suppose and equation is in the form of ax+b=2x-5

- If this has infinitely many solution. What can you say about a and or/b? Explain.   - If this has no solution. What can you say about a and/or b? Explain.   - If this has exactly one... more


30% of all students are in a play at school. All students except for 140 are in the play. How many students are in the school?

I need to write the equation and solve it for this problem


how to write equation of this

band members are selling chocolate bars as a fundraiser for $3 each. The cost for each box of chocolate bats is $12 (for a box containng 24 bars). If Fred made profit of $24, how many bars did he... more


Stuff I need to study.

Inductive reasoningCounterexamplesGeometric InductionDeductive ReasoningConditional statementsThe hypothesis and conclusion of a conditional statementThe converse of a conditional... more



For matinees,a movie theater charges $7 per adult and $4 per child.if 84 people attended a matinee and paid a total of $432,How many adults and how many children were there .


Area of rectangle: l=3=x & w=2x, express answer using x

Area of a rectangle: l=3+x & w= 2x. Express your answer using x. 


What is the value of y in 3/5(y/8+1/4)=9/16?

I keep retrying this problem on paper, but when I check it, the answer is always wrong... 

Find the root

Find the root. 4√1296


X and y values

Find the value of x or y so that the line through the pair of points has the given slope.   (x,2) and (5,8); m= 1   step by step instruction is greatly appreciated! Thank you


Is 12:7 the same as 7:12 in ratios

Need some help is 12:7 the same as 7:12 in a ratio and y is so and if its not.


how do we use algebra in the real life

how do we use algebra in real life? to me its just a waste of time. teach us how to pay our bills, write a check, buy a home, manage our money. im tiered of trying to find your X algebra and i dont... more

x to the second power minus seven x minus thirty

x to the second power minus seven x minus thirty


how not procratinate durning midterms

this is my frist midterm at high school and i am freaking out can u help me?


i need help with my homework

f(x) = x^2 - 3x  find f(-8)   P(T)=4t -5 Find P(T-2) W(N) = 4n+2 Find W(3n) G(A)=3^3a-2: Find G(1) G(X) =3x -3 : Find G(-6) H(T) =2times 5^-t-1. Find H(-2) G(A)=4a: Find G(2a) W(A)=a+3:... more

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