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how to write equation of this

band members are selling chocolate bars as a fundraiser for $3 each. The cost for each box of chocolate bats is $12 (for a box containng 24 bars). If Fred made profit of $24, how many bars did he sell how to write equation of this

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Hi Willie,
Well, your first step should be to figure out how much each chocolate bar costs Fred when he purchases them from the school in boxes.  If there are 24 bars in a box and the box is $12, that means each bar costs him 50 cents in the box, right?
So knowing that we can figure out how much profit he is making on each bar he sells for $3.  You'd take the marked-up price of 3, subtract the wholesale cost ($0.50 cents), for a profit of 2.50 on each bar.
Now you can set up your equation.  You know he made a profit of 24, so 24 is 2.50 times the number of bars he sold, which you write as:
24 = 2.5x
Divide both sides by 2.5 and you'll get 9 and 3/5 bars sold, but a fraction of a bar doesn't really make sense in the context of the problem, so I'd probably round it up to 10 bars.