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Inverse Variation Algebra 2


Inverse variation

Find the constant of variation k for the inverse variation. Then write an equation for the inverse variation.y=2 when x=5
Inverse Variation Chemistry Physics


help me please i don't understand

The pressure of a gas 𝑃 varies inversely with its volume 𝑉. The pressure of 80 𝐿 of a gas is 7 psi. Write the variation equation for the situation. What is its pressure when the same gas is... more
Inverse Variation


which equation represents inverse variation between x and y

a. 4y= kx b. xy=4k c. y=4kx d. 4k= (x/y)


How to solve this trigonometry question?

You pay $145 for canning supplies plus $0.75 for each food item you can.a. How many canned items must you complete for the average cost per canned item to fall to $1?   b. What happens to the... more


How to write an inverse variation that relates to t and n + completing the table?

The time t (in weeks) it takes workers to complete a project varies inversely with the number n of workers. It takes 3 workers 8 weeks to complete the project. Write an inverse variation equation... more
Inverse Variation


y varies inversely to x and when y=20 then x=2

whats the constant variation?
Inverse Variation


Algebra Help

The amount of resistance, y, in a circuit varies inversely to the current, x, in the circuit. When 10 ohms of resistance are used in the circuit, 12 amperes of current are present. When 5 ohms of... more
Inverse Variation


if x varies inversely as y, and x is 20 when y is 9, find y when x is 15

need to find y when x is 15
Inverse Variation


Inverse variation. Please help me understand this pre-test question

a)if X varies directly as y and inversely as the square of z, and x=16 when y=4 and z=4 a)write the equation of variation b)find x when y=8 and z=8     
Inverse Variation


It takes 8 people 24 minutes to solve 24 problems. How many is required to solve 32 problems in 16 minutes

Inverse variation problem 
Inverse Variation


Inverse Variation

The weight of a body above sea level varies inversely with the square of the distance from the center of the Earth. If a woman weight 117 pounds when she is at sea level, 3960 miles away from the... more
Inverse Variation


Suppose that y varies inversely with x. Use the information to find k, and then choose the equation of variation. x=1.2 when y=3

It is junior level algebra and it is the topic of inverse variations.
Inverse Variation


Inverse variation

The intensity I of light received from a source varies inversely as the square of the distance d from the source. If the light intensity is 5 foot-candles at 15 feet, find the light intensity at 16... more
Inverse Variation


this has to do with inverse variation

the power in an electric circuit varies inversely with resistance. If the power is 1200 watts when the resistance is 30 ohms, find the resistance when the power is 2400 watts.
Inverse Variation


inverse relations

For a fixed voltage, the current in an electrical circuit varies inversely as the resistance in the circuit. If a certain circuit has a current of 2 1/2 amps when the resistance is 140 ohms, find... more
Inverse Variation Variations And Applications



The number of files N of the same size that a computer's hard disc will hold varies inversely as the size S of the files. Susan's hard disc will hold 1,100 files if each is 160,000 bytes long. How... more
Inverse Variation Algebra 2 Math Help


Word problem

The time, t (in minutes), you need to type a term paper varies inversely with the rate, r (in words per minute), that you can type. When typing 50 words per minute, you can finish in 80 minutes.... more
Inverse Variation Algebra Math Help


Write a general formula to describe the variation

R varies directly with g and inversely with the square of h; R=3 when g=3 and h=5.   a. R=5(g/h^2) b. R=5(h^2/g) c. R= 25(g/h^2) d. R= 25gh^2
Inverse Variation Algebra 1 Algebra 2


Tell whether the table represents inverse variation. If so, write the inverse.......

If so, write the inverse variation equation and solve for y when x=40. tell how work supports conclusion     Travel time (x)     Speed (y)        36              |         50            |    ... more
Inverse Variation


if y varies inversely as x and y=2 when x=1, find x when y is 4

i want to know the answers for most problems that i ask yall. i really need help please and thanks  and i dont know what else to put
Inverse Variation


To travel a fixed distance, the number of gallons N of gasoline needed is inversely proportional to the mile-per-gallon rating P of the car.

A car that gets 8 mile per gallon needs 6 gallons to travel the distance.   a) an equations of variation is N= b) A car that's gets 6mpg needs_ gallons of gasoline
Inverse Variation Algebra


If y varies inversely as x and x is 6 when y is 13, what is x when y is 8?

If y varies inversely as x and x is 6 when y is 13, what is x when y is 8?

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