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Kailynn H.

asked • 09/16/14

Write a general formula to describe the variation

R varies directly with g and inversely with the square of h; R=3 when g=3 and h=5.
a. R=5(g/h^2)
b. R=5(h^2/g)
c. R= 25(g/h^2)
d. R= 25gh^2

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Phillip R. answered • 09/16/14

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Kailynn H.

This one I had alot of trouble with this one and figuring out where to set up all of the values.
Why does the 25 end up next to the equal sign? 
I got a little lost when i put 3=(k*3)/25 ?
Thanks again!


Phillip R.

3 = (3k)/25     divide by 3
1 = k/25     multiply by 25
25 = k
R = kg/h2 = 25g/h2


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