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1)b2+8b+7How do I do this problem?

1 is the only number with a parenthis as a part of this problem.

I have no idea how to do this problem.

Could you explaid step by step this problem I need to do this tonite.

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Hello Julie,

Do you want to factor it?

Here you go!

b2+8b+7 = (b+1)(b+7)

If you want to solve b2+8b+7 = 0, then the solution nis b = -1 and b = -7.

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Hi, Julie.

There is not enough there to subtract trinomials.Since there is only one parenthesis, the one looks like the number of the problem, not part of the problem. If it is included, you would be multiplying by the one, which would not make any difference. What are the directions?