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Perfect Square


34. Let a, b, c and d be distinct nonnegative integers such that a ^2 − b ^2 = c ^2 − d ^2. What is the least possible value of a + b?

The answer is 3 but I don't know the solution.
Perfect Square


If x and y are perfect squares such that x + y = 65 and x > y, what is the least possible value of x − y?

The answer is 33 but I don't the fast solution. 

Why does (x + 2)(y+2) = xy + 2(x + y) + 4?

(Binomial expansions with non-perfect squares)   The example demonstrates the following expansion: (x + 2)(y+2) = xy + 2(x + y) + 4
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89,992 and 251,000

How many integers between 89,992 and 251,000 are perfect squares?
Perfect Square


fill in the blank to make the expression a perfect square: u^(2)+16u+

to make the expression a perfect square, what do you do? How do you know what numbers to use?
Perfect Square


Make the expression a perfect square

y^2 + 6y +   How do i make it a perfect square


perfect square trinomial to square of a binomial

x^211x+    x^2 -15x+   s^2- 2/3s +   h^2-3/4h+ 
Perfect Square


A). r^2+(5/6)r+ B). p^2-7p+

Find the constant term that should be added to the expression to form a perfect square trinomial. Write the resulting perfect square trinomial in factored form
Perfect Square


what should be subtracted from 7a^6-2a^5-3a^4+6a^3-4a^2+6a to get 3a^5+6a^4-5a^3+2a^2+3

try to solve but failed..
Perfect Square


please help me find the perfect square for this: x2-12x=14

pls help find the perfect square, not sure if i understand it
Perfect Square


What is a perfect square?

what would the first 10 perfect square numbers?

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