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Rational Expression Algebra 2


Help me with algebra!!

Rational Expression: show how to simplify the following rational expression.show all steps. >> (sq rt of x-4)=(sq rt of 2x+2)+1
Rational Expression Math Algebra Rational Expressions


Explain why f(x) = x−4 is not the identical function of g(x) = x2 −7x + 12/ x−3 .

Explain why f(x) = x−4 is not the identical function of g(x) = x2−7x +12/ x−3.
Rational Expression Algebra 2 Rational Numbers


Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions

What are the trickiest steps to do when adding or subtracting rational expressions? How does your knowledge of rational numbers help you in adding and subtracting rational expressions?
Rational Expression


how do i solve x over 4x-2 + 3x+3 over 4x+2 adding rational expression

I need help
Rational Expression


How can I start and solve this?

The rational expression 5 a squared b cubed over 3pq represents the area of the rectangle and 3ab over p represents the length. What rational expression represents the width?  
Rational Expression


How do i solve for x ?

Hi, im so confused on how to solve to this :    6((x)/(2)-1)* ((x)/(3)+2)=0 
Rational Expression Pre Cal


Rational Expressions help?

Still confused on how to solve the following expressions:        Directions: Simplify each expression and find the restrictions for each rational expression.    A) (3)/(x-2) + (4/x) /... more
Rational Expression Math Math Help


Find the excluded values for the rational expression

Find the excluded values for the rational expression.   a) (2n-14)/(n2-2n-35)     b) (2p2-p+5)/(3p3-12p)
Rational Expression


(Solving rational expressions) 12/x = 48/x+9

Solve the rational expression   12 = 48 x   = x+9


rational expression

2/w+2 -3/w + w+10/w^2-4  

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