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Punctuation English Writing


Should I put a comma before the last item in a list?

Should I put a comma before the last item in a list?> I would like crackers, cheese and some soda. > I would like crackers, cheese, and some soda.


Correct punctuation.

They wanted to go to the movies very badly but they were snowed in.


Improper or Proper use of a colon (:)

My work wants me to put a colon (:) in an address line. For example; 1234 Main Street Suite: 700.  Is this proper use of a colon?
Punctuation English Writing


Writing about a small town built with rocks containing diamonds.

I shouldn't make my thing too long but here, i have no idea how to write a good piece / make my description of the place more natural and easy to visualize: Help me make my writing better    Each... more
Punctuation Literary Analysis



Is the semicolon ( ; ) the correct punctuation need it at the end of this thesis? if not what should I use? This is for a literary analysis of "the parable of the good seed"   This allegory... more
Punctuation Reading Correct


The following sentences are run-on sentences. Correct each sentences by adding a conjunction (and, or, but, because, so) or punctuation to make two sentences

1. The boy gobbled down the pancakes and drank his milk and went to his room to get ready for school   2. Bob dashed downstairs and got his backpack and ran outside to catch the bus.   3. The... more
Punctuation English Grammar


English problem

Amanda is a human being with dual characteristics of feminine and masculine traits thus she is in conflict between being a stereotypical female character and an independent female... more
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