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Is the semicolon ( ; ) the correct punctuation need it at the end of this thesis? if not what should I use? This is for a literary analysis of "the parable of the good seed"
This allegory “represents the present and future of the church” (believers) of Christ (Henry) and non-believers; and whether heaven or hell is their final destination.

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You need a comma in place of your semicolon. Generally, a semicolon is used to join two sentences that are related, but can each stand alone as a complete sentence.
Semicolons are usually used in place of a conjunction (a "joining word" like "and," "or," "but," etcetera.)
Also, is Henry the name of the quoted author you are citing? And are you using MLA format?
If so, a reworded sentence might look like:
This allegory "represents the present and future of the church [believers] of Christ" (Henry, {page number goes here in MLA; for further information, see your handbook regarding citations} ) and non-believers, and whether Heaven or Hell is their final destination.
My addition of the brackets [] around believers was based on the assumption that the original quote read "represents the present and future of the church of Christ" and that [believers] was your addition to explain the sense of the word "church" in the phrase "church of Christ."
I capitalized Heaven and Hell because you are using them as destinations rather than concepts (a concept usage being "That cake tasted heavenly.")
If Henry is the last name of an author you are quoting, don't forget to record his information (title, full names of all authors, and so on) in your bibliography! Your handbook would have more informantion. Again, I'm still running under the assumption that you're using MLA.
Any other tutors, feel free to chip in!