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Should the first word after a dash used as self-interruption be capitalized?

When writing dialogue, a dash can be used to denote interruption. For example: > “Hello, can I ask you about—” > “No.” If a character is interrupting themself, should the first word of the... more


Punctuating a sentence containing em dashes within commas?

I always find myself writing sentences that contain clauses within clauses, and I can never decide what the right way to punctuate this is. I'm not specifying what kinds of clauses because they... more


Can em dashes be used to isolate clauses starting with an “or”?

Here’s a simplified version of the sentence I'm working on. > Despite what he believed — or thought he believed — he still had to > contend with the truth. Or should I use commas?


When should I use an em-dash, an en-dash, and a hyphen?

I generally know how to use a hyphen, but when should I use an en-dash instead of an em-dash, or when should I use a hyphen instead of an em-dash?


Are commas and dashes truly interchangeable?

My English teacher told me that "dashes and commas are interchangeable". For instance, "My friend, Alex, ran to the store." and, "My friend–Alex–ran to the store." are both grammatically correct... more

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