Asked • 04/13/19

Handling Tough Questions in Presentations?

Today, I gave a presentation in front of a group of my manager and a several executives. I spent a long time preparing for it as there were a lot important people attending.It was going well until we got to the Q&A section, which went something like this:` Will this work with active/active? -I don't know. What's the impact to the EAE project? -I don't know what that is. How will this be scaleable with the QA infrastructure? -Yes, it will be. How? -I don't know. What encryption technique is being utilized? -I don't know. Was Chris Kegoh ok with this design? -Yes, he definitely was. Chris is a *she*. -Oh... then, I don't know who that is. What do you feel about BLT? -Uh... BLT? Yes. -Well, I've never been a big fan of tomato... No... the Business Ledger Team. -Oh. I don't know who that is.I was probably asked 20 questions, and I couldn't answer of them. I thought I was well prepared, but obviously I wasn't, and now I've made a fool out of myself.Beyond preparing even harder, how should I answer questions that I don't understand (or have no idea on the answer)? I don't want to completely BS my way through meetings, but give just enough BS so I don't appear so incompetent.

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