Asked • 03/27/19

How should I respond to observations from customers during software product demos?

I'm not sure if this question is placed in the right site but this is my workplace, and this site often discusses diplomacy in the workplace. I'm a software developer and I'm not very skilled in this type of communication. My colleague is a molecular biologist with a similar problem, but (unfortunately) we cannot be replaced with a skilled sales representative because we need to answer very specific questions.Our company developed a web application for biobanking and laboratory management. During software presentations to our potential customers, lab managers and decision makers attend and from time to time we get observations we don't know how to respond to:It's nice but... - we have to physically access your application (of course you have to) - we have to keep our data updated (of course, you have to if you want to have order in your lab) - we have to enter our data first (of course, you have to, we don't have your data)and so on.I don't believe these statements are very important, because most of the attendees understand what they have to do in order to efficiently run their labs but I think (I may be wrong) our response to such statements is important.So, how do I avoid appearing annoyed when answering questions I consider absurd?p.s.I am very grateful for all these opinions and your contributions to understand my position.**EDIT:** Okay, I see that some clarification is needed... I asked ONLY what I asked, no more, no less. I didn't say we have problem with sales or with software usability or with customer's lawyers. I asked how to deal with observations I described as said above that I encounter occasionally. I just want to be prepared in the best way for our demos. You obviously know much more than me about such topics so I can read here only useful thoughts.Anyway, I have read a lot of your thoughts I didn't ask for but they are still valuable for me because I'm a technical guy, I got more than I thought and this is great.

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