Asked • 04/16/19

How to present technical presentation with huge amount of information?

I was invited to one of the biggest QA events (expected more than 400+ professionals) in my country with topic about performance testing.The information I would like to cover is:* Install two docker images (Grafana and InfluxDB) and configure them to communicate to each other;* Configure both of them (Grafana needs some time for setting up, InfluxDB will be quick);* Create a jMeter test (with all the explanations of how and why) and connect it to InfluxDB;* Configure Grafana to process and visualize the information;* Rework the test case to generate dashboard report (new in version 4.0).I have 30 minutes in total with following scheme - 30 minutes without questions from the public, 25 minutes with 5 minutes questions from the public and 20 minutes with 10 minutes questions.Public will be very heterogeneous containing junior/mid/senior/TL QA's and others (as DevOps, HR's, etc).**The problem**As you can see the huge amount of information that I need to pass to the public and the work I need to do.**Possible solutions:*** Create presentation containing screenshots of all steps that I do previously, no demo;* Same as previous, but run the tests live and analyze the results. Everything will be ready in advance;* Do a live demo.**What I'll not do**I went to enough events to know that reading from the slides, stuttering or uber boring academic mumbling type of lectures are the thing I would not like to give the persons who come to listen me.In most of my previous lectures I do it with few slides and mostly freestyle, but this one is different._Do you ever had such an experience and what would you prefer if you were in my place?_**Note**I have previous experience of lecturing (including academic) and I have good background of the stuff I would present.

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