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Pre Calc Geometry Algebra


Find the area of triangle NPQ.

Points of Triangle NPQ N (-14, -1)  P (10, -3) Q (6, 7) Round only the final answer to 3 significant digits. Be sure to write the appropriate fornula and show your substitution.
Pre Calc Geometry Algebra


Find the value of k if the line joining point D (8, k) and point E (3, -9) is perpendicular to the line 3x-2y=11

Answers must be in fractions and/or radicals NOT rounded decimals 
Pre Calc Geometry Algebra


Given points A (-4,5) and B (6,-9), find the value of n so that point C (n,2) is equidistant from points A and B.

No, the 2 is not a typo, it is not -2
Pre Calc


the sum of a three digit number is 13. The third number is twice the first and is also equal to one less than the sum of the first two numbers

 Pre calc system of equations word problem. Need help ASAP! Please provide the equations and how to solve them.
Pre Calc


Position Vectors and Coordinate Geometry

A space shuttle is moving in a straight line and is traveling at a constant speed. It takes 3 hours to get from A to B and 1 hour to get from B to C. Relative to a suitable set of axes, A is the... more


Ferris wheel multiple questions

4)  Another Ferris wheel has a radius of 25 feet and reaches a maximum height of 55 feet above the ground. From the location of your seat when the wheel starts turning, it takes you 6 seconds to... more
Pre Calc


Prove that 1-tan^2x/1-cot^2x=cos^2x-1/cos^2x

I have to show my work on this problem but I don't even know how to get started on it. 
Pre Calc


How do you do this (pre calc) limits

what is the answer to (this is pre calc limits) x+5/x^2-25 (x--> -5) 
Pre Calc



use the fundamental identities to simplify the expression  sin(-x) cot(x)/ sin(pi/2-x)
Pre Calc


find the inverse

  2   +1  x+2  
Pre Calc


Pre Calculus question on homework, really struggling

A hangar is formed of a half cylinder with a rectangular base and two open, semicircular ends. The curved roof costs $7 per ft2 to build. Find an expression that represents the cost per volume of... more
Pre Calc


The concentric circles on a target are 5 inches apart. The inner circle (red) has a perimeter of 31.4 inches. What is the perimeter of the next largest circle?

This is for pre calc. trying to find the perimeter of outer circle  
Pre Calc


pre calc word problem

A coffee house blended 6 pounds of espresso flavored coffee beans with 5 pounds of vanilla flavored coffee beans. The 11 pound mixture cost $77.50. A second mixture included 20 pounds of espresso... more

Exponential Decay

A population numbers 12,000 organisms initially and decreases by 6.4% each year.   A) Suppose P represents the population and t the number of years of decline. An exponential model for the... more

word problem

Nate wants to build a rectangular pen for his animals. One side of the pen will be against the barn; the other three sides will be enclosed with wire fencing. If Nate has 650 feet of fencing, what... more


word problem- temp

A roasted turkey is taken from an oven when its temperature has reached 185 Fahrenheit and is placed on a table in a room where the temperature is 75 Fahrenheit. Give answers accurate to at least 2... more
Pre Calc Word Problem


word problem- population

The population of trout in a certain lake after years from now is given by the function where is measured in thousands. (a) What is the initial trout population in the lake? (b) What will the... more
Pre Calc Word Problem


Word problem

The count in a bateria culture was 600 after 20 minutes and 1700 after 35 minutes. Assuming an uninhibited exponential growth model of , What was the initial size of the culture? How long does it... more


Half life word problem

The half-life of Palladium-100 is 4 days. After 12 days a sample of Palladium-100 has been reduced to a mass of 5 mg.What was the initial mass (in mg) of the sample? What is the mass 5 weeks after... more
Pre Calc Word Problem


word problem

Polluted water is passed through a series of filters. Each filter removes 55% of the remaining impurities from the water. If you have 8 million particles of pollutant per gallon originally, how... more

Word problem - pre calc

If An island is 2.8 kilometers from the nearest point, P, on a straight shoreline. A town is 6.3 kilometers down the shore from Point P. If a person can row a boat at an average speed of 4.1... more
Pre Calc Word Problem Rate


Rate Problem

One 10-hp pump can fill the backyard pool in 16 hours and a more powerful pump can fill the same pool in 13 hours. The 10-hp pump has been filling the pool for 5 hours before the second more... more

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