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Polynomial Equations Polynomials Need Help Fast!!


Polynomial Homework Help!!

I have another question now... I've tried doing it different ways, but I'm just not sure. I'm looking for an explanation, not just an answer, please :) It's like this:   Suppose two brothers each... more
Polynomial Equations


Factor this problem and should steps

a4b + a2b3
Polynomial Equations Algebra 2


A pyramid has a square base with sides of length, x, a height of 2x-5, and a volume of 3.

Write a polynomial equation to model the volume of the pyramid. Then solve for x and state the side length of the base and the height of the pyramid. 


How do you solve?

Create a fourth degree polynomial that has the two roots 2+3i and square root of 5. How do you solve this?
Polynomial Equations


which values of X would make a polynomial equal to zero if the factors of the polynomial were X -5 and -6

Polynominal to 0 (X-5) (X-6)  
Polynomial Equations Real Roots


What size of square would you cut out if the volume of the box must be 48 cubic inches?

An open box is to be made from a square piece of material with a side length of 10 inches by cutting equal squares from corners and turning up the sides.
Polynomial Equations Algebra 2


Find all zeros of p(x). Include any multiplicities greater than one.

P(x)=x^3-3x^2+4x-12     I solved the problem but I'm almost positive I did it wrong. Can someone please explain how to solve it? Thanks. :)
Polynomial Equations Algebra 2 Rational Solutions


I'm confused...

a natural history museum is building a pyrmidal glass structure for its tree snake exhibit. its research team has designed a pyramid with a square base and with a height that is 2 yards more than a... more
Polynomial Equations


Polynomial Question?

The graph of f(x) = ax^4+ bx^2 + cx -24 crosses the x-axis at 1,-2 and 3. Determine the equation of f(x).   How do I get an answer of f(x)=-4x^3 + 8x^2 + 20x - 24
Polynomial Equations Roots


Polynomial equation question?

The roots of the equation 6x^3+ 17x^2- 5x- 6=0 are represented by a,b,c (from least to greatest). Determine an equation whose roots are a+b, a/b, and ab. The answer is: x^3- 4x^2- 69/4x... more

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