Eddie S.

asked • 09/28/14

Polynomial equation question?

The roots of the equation 6x^3+ 17x^2- 5x- 6=0 are represented by a,b,c (from least to greatest). Determine an equation whose roots are a+b, a/b, and ab.
The answer is: x^3- 4x^2- 69/4x +63/2=0.
How do I get this?

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Uzair Q. answered • 09/28/14

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Eddie S.

Is it still correct if I expand y=(2x+7)(x-6)(2x-3) rather than y = (x + 7/2)(x - 6)(x - 3/2) ?


Eddie S.

Because when I do, I get a different answer, but doesn't both equations have the same zeros?


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