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Is it possible to distinguish between 'cannot'/'does not' and 'will not'?

As practice I have been alternately translating short bits of writing both from Japanese to English and from English to Japanese. When most recently attempting the latter, it occurred to me that I... more


Term used when answering a question with a lowered tone?

Is there a term/phrase that can be used to describe the answering of a question with such a tone that would indicate that the answer isn't as all it seems? For example, if one person were to ask... more
Phrases Grammar Reading


How to break sentence into chunks (during reading of sentence)?

I have confusion that how to divide sentence into chunks so that I can use slight pause between each chunk while reading?For example: The capacity of methodical exercise (short pause) to lower... more
Phrases German Meaning


Der Wind dreht auf Südost?

Does that mean that* the wind will be *coming from* south-east (since wind direction is usually reported by the direction from which it originates)or that* the wind will be *blowing to* south-east... more
Phrases German Meaning


Are the two uses of “Frau” in “Frau Hauptfrau” redundant?

A friend will sometimes reply to my texts in German. His reply recently to a question was “Jawohl, Frau Hauptfrau.” The use of *Frau Hauptfrau* appears redundant. When I use lower case on Frau... more


What is the difference between "excuse me" and "forgive me"?

I am hesitated when I use the sentence "forgive my fault, please." instead of "excuse me, please." because the word "forgive" has a religious theme and probably carries some additional meanings.... more


To a degree vs. "to an extent"?

Is there a measurable difference in meaning between the phrases "to a degree" and "to an extent" (or "to some degree" and "to some extent")?Examples: * To [some degree / some extent] that is a... more


I will learn better English -- should it be "I will learn English better."?

Somehow, I think "better English" is incorrect, because I think there isn't better English; English is English. But I hear this phrase from other ESL students a lot. Is this correct way of saying... more


Adverbial phrase vs "Adverbial clause"?

Please tell me what the difference is between an *adverbial phrase* and an *adverbial clause*.
Phrases Esl/esol Speech


Does “snatch something over” or “snatch something away” sound native?

I’ve learnt that you can say things like: >She snatched the biscuit out of his hand. (snatch ... out of) >She snatched a biscuit from the plate. (snatch ... from) But how does it sound if... more


what is the coeffient the factor and like term of 2x+3-4y=7

What is the coefficient the constantvand the like terms of 2x+3-4y=7

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