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When do I use past tense and past participle?

It can be tricky to know which one to use when talking about situations that already happened. How can you figure out the difference?


Is た形 required when using 自動詞 as an adjective?

From the grammar book I learned that when 自動詞 is being used as an adjective, it should change its form to the た形, for example: - 優れ{すぐれ}**た**学生 - 拗れ{こじれ}**た**話し But can I say 優れ**る**学生 or... more


太ってる猫 vs "太った猫"?

I saw this sentence and its translation in a textbook > 彼女は太った猫が好きじゃない。 > She doesn't like fat cats I was under the impression that 「太ってる猫」 means something like “cat that is in the state... more


How do I express sentences like: He is dying?

For instance, "He is eating" is "Kare wa tabete iru". However, "He is dying" is not "Kare wa shinde iru". Another example is "He is going to Japan" is not "Kare wa nihon ni itte iru". So if I can't... more


How do I say "before" or "used to" in Japanese?

朝、作文を書いた時、疑問に思いました。 How can I say something like: > I didn't use to like this band. > Before, I didn't like this band.


They had........a docter.

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