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Math Word Problem Math English


Please answer quickly

In my bag 1/3 of the quarters is the same as 2/5 of the dimes. I have 8 more quarters than dimes. How many coins do i have
Math Word Problem Math Trigonometry


Find the first 4 times when a robotic arm is at h=0

Hi I need help with this simple question that I just can't seem to wrap my head around.The arm of a robot moves up and down such that the height h at time t is given by h=sin^2 t - 0.2 sin t. Find... more
Math Word Problem Calculus Math Help


Calculus word problem help

The velocity at time t seconds of an object moving on a line is v(t) = 2cos(πt),with distance measured in meters. The position of the object at time zero seconds is 2 meters. Find the acceleration... more
Math Word Problem Math Calculus


State the rational function you have created in factored form.[ie. h(x)=f(x)/g(x) ]

Important to noteRequired Characteristics1.) Has 2 vertical asymptotes 2.) Has a horizontal asymptote at y=03.) Has a positive y-intercept4.) Has a hole in the fourth quadrant5.) Passes through... more
Math Word Problem Maths Math Help


Math word problem

I need some assistance with a question involving complex numbers. The question is:Consider the complex number: 𝑧 = 3 − 3 𝑖. Evaluate:(i) 𝐼𝑚(𝑧) (ii) |𝑧| (iii) 𝐴𝑟𝑔(𝑧)
Math Word Problem


Math word problem

shayna had some candy to give to her three children.she first took eight pieces for her self and then evenly divied the rest among her children.each child receive four pieces. with how much pieces... more
Math Word Problem Math Statistics



Suppose you bet $1 on red at the roulette wheel. There are 18 red numbers and 20 nonred numbers (including the green 0 and 00). You win $1 if a red number comes up, and you lose $1 if any other... more
Math Word Problem Algebra 1 Lawn Mowing


Dimishing returns word problem help

Mr. K mows the lawn in 24 minutes. Mr.Z mows in 36 minutes. The question is after how many minutes will Mr.Z have twice as much lawn to mow as Mr.K. How do you solve this problem with equation... more
Math Word Problem Word Problem Math Help


Word problem help

A pot of coffee with a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius is set down in a room with a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. The coffee cools to 50 degrees celsius in one hour.a. Find T(t), the... more
Math Word Problem Word Problem Precalculus Help


Precalculus word problem help

A certain right triangle has area 65 square inches. One leg of the triangle measures one inch less than the hypotenuse. Let x represent the length of the hypotenuse. Write the legs of the triangle... more
Math Word Problem Math Writing


The world's population is currently 2. If the population doubles every 39 years, what will the population be 15000 years from now?

Hello all. I am writing a fantasy novel and need to calculate population growth for realism purposes. There was another person that asked a similar question on a smaller scale, so I was plugging in... more
Math Word Problem Math Precalculus


Precalculus word problem

Suppose the average number of vehicles arriving at the main gate of an amusement park is equal to 10 per min, while the average number of vehicles admitted through the gate per minute is equal to... more
Math Word Problem Math Precalculus


Precalculus word problem

A rectangular piece of cardboard measuring 12 inches by 18 inches is to be made into a box w/ an open top by cutting equal-sized squares from each corner and folding up the sides. Let x represent... more
Math Word Problem


How do I work this problem out

the total length of 4 blue banners and 5 yellow banners is 49 meters. the total length of 2 blue banners and 1 yellow banner is 17 meters all banners of the same color have the same length. find... more
Math Word Problem Mathematics


Cellular phone service that charges per-minute will charge $15 for 170 minutes. How much would 1983 minutes cost?

How do I solve this math word problem? I need to know step by step.
Math Word Problem Math


how long was each sprinkler used?

The Bennett family and the Hill family each used their sprinklers last summer. The water output rate for the Bennett family's sprinkler was 25L per hour. The water output rate for the Hill family's... more
Math Word Problem Elementary Math


How many text messages

Lashonda, Tom and Bob sent a total of 71 text messages over their cell phones during the weekend. Tom sent 9 more messages than Lashonda. Bob sent 3 times as many messages as Tom. How many... more
Math Word Problem


word problem help

Joe and Nancy decide to take a road trip. The first 84 miles of the drive is pretty​ easy, while the last 120 miles of the drive is filled with curves. They drove at an average of 8 miles per hour... more
Math Word Problem


Solve Word problem

Mr. Bradford bought 1 5/8 pounds of ground meat and 5/8 as much cheese as ground meat. Is the amount of ground meat Mr. Bradford bought equal to, less than or more than the amount of cheese he bought? more
Math Word Problem Algebra 1


help with math problem

a country music station has 200 regular listeners and each month gains 12 more. Another station has 300 regular listeners and each month gains 8. in how many months will the two stations have the... more
Math Word Problem


Stamps - Alice Becky Claire

Alice, Becky and Claire are perfectly logical.Each can make perfect deductions - and each of them knows that the others can too.(in other words, Becky is analyzing and using the given info from... more
Math Word Problem


math word problem

A wood frame for pouring concrete has an interior perimeter of 14 meters. Its length is one meter greater than its width. The frame is to be braced with twelve-gauge steel cross-wires. Assuming an... more
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