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A manufacture is tomarket a new fertilizer which is to be amixture of ingredients A and B.The properties of the two ingredients are as:

ingredients A; bone meal 20%,nitrogen 30%,lime 40%,phosphate 10%,cost per kg is 12.Ingredients B;,bone meal 40%,nitrogen 10%,lime 50%,phosphate 50%,cost per kg is 8.It has been decided that the fertilizer will;be sold in bags containing 100kg,be containing at least 15 kg of nitrogen,must contain at least 8kg of phosphate,must contain at least 25kg of bone meal.The manufacturer wants to meet the above requirements at minimum cost possible.Required;Develop a linear program and hence find the optimal solution for the problem.


Your mixture B does not add up to 100%; please check your numbers.

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Hey Kennedy -- looks like Bmix has 0-5% phosphate (lime 45-50%) since the final mix
has 8% phosphate ... a 3A:1B mix is a starting point => 25% bone meal, 25%N, 7.5%Ph
(above 8% if Bmix 2-5%Ph) ... Best wishes :)