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based on programing

 A factory operates on two types of machines

Machine A
Machine B
Maximum available
Floor space
Number of operators needed
There are more machines of type B than those of type A. Taking the number of machines of type A used as X and that of types B as Y, form the inequalities in X and Y. If the profit from using machine A is sh. 400 per hour and that from using machine B is sh. 600 per hour. Find graphically, the number of machines of each type that should be in use to give maximum profit per hour hence find the maximum profit.                                                                         


Develop a linear program and hence find the optimal solution for the problem.      


Not sure what goes with what.
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1 Answer

Well for the first equation we know that we only have 18 units of floor space so the number of the 2 types of machines added together must be equal to or less than the max floor space 18,  or 2X + 3Y ≤ 18 
We do the same for the maximum number of operators or 4X + 3Y ≤ 24 
Solve for Y for each equation and graph them, where the two lines intersect each other should be the answer as long as Y > X which was the first stipulation.
Then plug in X and Y into the profit equation which is 400X + 600Y = P
I hope I didn't confuse you more.