Annie M.

asked • 04/23/17

Ideal gas problem- chemistry.

A flask of fluorine gas is connected to the manometer below ( image of mercury manometer not shown) at 29 degrees C. Calculate the pressure in atm, the molar volume, and the density of the flask if atmospheric pressure os 0.983 atm. 
the image on my sheet is a manometer showing a difference in 187 mm where the mercury is lower on the side with the fluorine gas. 
Please hep I'm very confused, thanks!!!

Christine A.

To find the pressure in atmospheres, convert using 760 mm Hg/ 1 atm
To find the molar volume, convert moles of F to volume using 22.4 L/mol
Density= mass/ volume 
It seems that you need to know the amount of fluorine.


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