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Quantitative Analysis Macroeconomics


Macroeconomics help pls

Western Pipelines pays $280 at the beginning of every quarter for using a tract of land. What should the company offer the property owner as a purchase price if interest is 5.3‚Äč% compounded... more
Quantitative Analysis


Quantitative Analysis;Question is in description

There are 14 people who work in an office. If each person sends each other person at the office one e-mail on a particular day and there is only one e-mail between every possible pair, how many... more
Quantitative Analysis Chemistry Ideal Gas Law


Compare Quantitatively

Two containers of the same volume are evaluated. Container 1 is maintained at a temperature of 400 K and filled with oxygen gas to a pressure of 750 mm Hg. Container 2 is maintained at a... more
Quantitative Analysis


quant help

The U-Drive Rent-A-Truck company plans to spend $10 million on 260 new vehicles. Each commercial van will cost $25,000, each small truck $50,000, and each large truck $50,000. Past experience shows... more
Quantitative Analysis


The average sales of a product for a particular week

The average sales of a product for a particular week, excluding Sunday, were reported by the city departmental store as 150 units. Sunday being a national festival, there was heavy rush of sales... more
Quantitative Analysis


A girl spends a quarter of her weekly allowance on a movie. The movie cost 4.25. What is her weekly allowance?

Need to solve two ways and explain the answer and steps

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