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Transformations Algebra 2 Help

    (1)   Original Equation : S(x)=x^4+2x^3+5   What is the new equation of the original function S(x) if its transformation is Dilation (reduced)?   (2)   Original Equation:... more
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Algebra 2 Help

Link : http://imgur.com/a/JZxGv   This is a 3 part question so I would be extremely grateful with you could answer the 3 parts. Thanks in advance!!


Algebra 2 Help

Link : http://imgur.com/a/y1djdIf you could please do the 3 parts to the question I would very much appreciate it since they are all one single question. Thanks in advanced!
Honors Algebra Ii


Algebra II

Rewrite the expression (4x2+5x)2-5 (4x2+5x)-6 as a product of four linear factors.
Honors Algebra Ii


Algebra II

The functions f and g are defined by f(x)=x2 and g(x)=2x, respectively. Which equation is equivalent to h (x)=f(2x)g (-2x) divided by 2 ?                           &nbsp     (1) h(x)=-2x3  ... more
Honors Algebra Ii


Algebra II??

What extraneous solution arises when the equation (squareroot of x+3)=2x is solved for x by first sharing both sides of the equation?
Honors Algebra Ii


Height of square pyramid is 5 meters shorter than side of base. Volume is 108 cubic meters. How tall is pyramid?

Algebra II Honors with Trig
Honors Algebra Ii Logarithms


Is the power property used to rewrite 3Squareroot log(5x-1)=log1/3? this is made up question just for property

 3Squareroot log(5x-1)=log1/3  
Honors Algebra Ii Honors Algebra 2


Condensing complex logarithms

How do I condense this problem?   2/3 log a - 3 log b - 4 log c



Can you walk me through this please? Thank you!   NFL. On any given Sunday, any team could beat any other team. If we assume every week a team has 50% chance of winning, what is the probability... more

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