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Function Transformations


Write an equation for the function g(x)

Write an equation for the function g(x) whose graph is obtained from the graph of f(x)=x2 by means of the following transformation:   a. compress the graph of f(x) horizontally by a factor of... more
Function Transformations


transformation question

Describe the transformation that has taken place for the parent function f(x)=|x|   f(x)=5|x+7|
Function Transformations


what type of function is -(x+4)2+1

what transformations does this function go through  
Function Transformations Transformations


Please help me with these questions regarding transformations!!!!

The point (1,-2) is on the graph of f(x). Describe the following transformations on f(x), and determine the resulting point.   a) g(x)=2f(x)+3 b) g(x)=f(x+1)−3 c) g(x)=−f(2x) d) g(x)=−f(−x−1)+3
Function Transformations Functions Functio


Consider f(x) = 3^x Show that a horizontal translation 2 left is equivalent to a vertical stretch by a factor of a

Math test tomorrow, one of the review questions???
Function Transformations Equation In Function Notation


if equations, y=1/(x-1) + 1/(x-2) + 1/(x-3) + 1/(x-4) and y=k*x has exactly four solution.

please find total number of possible values of k  with explanation.please show graph if possible for you.thank you.
Function Transformations Algebra 2


How do you solve this Algebra 2 problem?

In order to transform the vertex of y=x^2+4x+4 to the orgin, every point must be translated: a) 2 units left, b) 2 units right, c) 4 units left, d) 4 units right
Function Transformations Functions Graph Functions


what is the function whose graph is the graph of y=|x|, but is shifted down 5 units.

What is the function whose graph is the graph of  y=|x|, but is shifted down 5 units.
Function Transformations Algebra 2 Functions Honors Algebra 2


Horizontal stretches/compression?

For horizontal compressions, I know you do it if x is greater than 1, but do you divide or multiply the x value by the c value? Why would it be a vertical compression of c?   So if you had... more
Function Transformations


Why is it with function transformations that sometimes horizontal translations are the opposite of what I think they'd be?

Example: In –x^2– 4x+ 5 I would say ok so it has a reflection of the y axis, It moves right 4 units and moves up 5. But the answer is that instead of moving 4 units right, its 4 units LEFT. Why???

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