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i need help answering the reasons in geometry

Complete the reasons for the proof. Given:m ∠3 = m ∠4To Prove:∠1, ∠2 are supplementary   https://wca.sooschools.com/media/g_geo_ccss_2016/3/page30a.gif   statements                           ... more


m=n , so n=m

m=n , so n=m  


Given: angle 1 is congruent to angle 2, Angle 2 is congruent to angle 3. Conclusion: angle 1 is congruent to angle 3.

What steps are needed prior to the conclusion.  Its a trapezoid.


Given: WXYZ is a parallelogram. WY and XZ bisect each other and WY is perpendicular to XZ. Conclusion: WXYZ is a rectangle. Determine if the conclusion is valid

This was super difficult for me and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't figure it out! If someone could help me that would be awesome! Thank you!


Which method is valid for proving that two circles are similar?

A. Calculate the ratio of the diameter to the radius for each circle and show they are equal B. Calculate the ratio of degrees to the circumference for each circle and show they are equal. C.... more


How do you write Statements and Reasons with AA, SSS, and SAS?

I don't understand how to write it in order and the format. My teacher said to write it in T-chart formation and I know what a T-chart is, but I don't understand how to put the given, prove,... more


how do I prove -2(3)=-2(-1/2x) is -6?

I need to prove that -2(3)=-2(-1/2x) is -6? How do I do that?


given line AB is congruent to line AE, line BC is congruent to line ED

 This is a proof. I need at least 3 steps please  


given line ac is congruent to line cb prove triangle abc congruent to triangle bcd

CD looks like its cutting the triangle in half


Given: R is the midpoint of line SU ; angles SVU is isosceles with base line SU Prove: angles RSV is congruent to angles RUV

Given: R is the midpoint of line SU ; angles SVU is isosceles with base line SU   Prove: angles RSV is congruent to angles RUV


Given: segment RS is congruent to segment TS; V is the midpoint of segment RT. Prove: triangle RSV is congruent to triangle TSV.

Since V is the midpoint of segment RT, segment RV is congruent to segment TV by the _______________. Segment VS is congruent to segment VS by the _____________ and segment RS is congruent to... more


Given: segment PR is congruent to segment DE; segment PT is congruent to segment DF; angle R is congruent to angle E; angle T is congruent to angle F.

Prove: triangle PRT is congruent to triangle DEF.   Must be a flow proof with five justified reasons.


Prove that angle CAB+ angle ABC+angle BCA=180

Solution and reasons


Geometric Proof

Given: Ray BD bisects < ABC; <1 (<ABD) and <2 (<CBD) are complementary. Prove: m<2 = 45


Can someone please help me with these geometry proofs?

Can someone please show these proofs in no more than 4-5 steps. Starting with the Given and ending with the Prove. Use the statement and reason column idea. Thanks! These are a headache. 1) Given:... more


how do you complete this proof?

Given: parallelogram ABCD. line segment EF bisects line segment AB at E, line segment EF bisects line segment CD at F. Prove that line segment EG is congruent to line segment FG


Filling out reasons and statements in geometry

Given ∠1 ≅ ∠2, finish the proof that m∠1=m∠5. Statement: ∠1 ≅ 2       Reason:  Statement:  ∠2 ≅ 5      Reason: Statement:                  Reason: Transitive property of angle... more


Determining the 3rd vertex of an Equilateral and Right angled isoceles triangle.

I am really having problems solving the following problems:If (x1,y1) and (x2,y2) are the coordinates of the two vertices on the hypotenuse of a right angled isosceles triangle then the coordinates... more


In right triangle LMN, altitude LP is drawn to hypotenuse MN. Prove MN/LN=LN/PN

it also says as a hint to get triangles MNL~LNP.


Proof For Cross Diagonals Of A Kite

Given: quadrilateral ABCD, BD intersects AC at E, And BD bisects angle ABC and angle ADC   Prove: AE=EC


Given: OM perpendiccular to LN, ML congruent to MN Prove: triangle OML congruent to triangle OMN

Statements: OM perpendicular to LN 2 3 ML congruent to MN OM congruent to OM triangle OML congruent to OMN  


Given: Square TDZI us rhombus Prove: Triangle DEZ is congruent to Triangle TEI

I need help with this.

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