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Formulas Science Chemistry


Solve chemical reaction for temperature of exothermic reaction (thermite)

Hi there, I I have a question about Physics/ chemistry.If I have a bag of iron oxide(lll) and powdered aluminium in the ratio of 3:1 totalling 72g, with 54g being Fe2O3 and 18g of 2Al, what would... more


ira retirement account

Ruben invested $1400 per year in an IRA each year for 8 years earning 10% compounded annually. At the end of 8 years he ceased the IRA payments, but continued to invest his accumulated amount at... more


Alright my question is a little long... here we go:

I'm using two formulas in a game that I'm making. One let's you know how many "Stocks" you'll earn depending on how much you've earned in the lifetime of the game. The other let's you know how much... more
Formulas Math


Math word problem

Volleyball court is twice as long as it is wide . perimeter is 177. Find dimensions. 


Height Function

The height in feet h above the earth for sky divers t seconds after jumping from an airplane flying at a height of 6400 feet above the ground is approximated by the formula:h(t)=-16t2+6400subject... more


Mosquitoes and Formulas

In a Minnesota swamp in the springtime (after the last frost) the number of mosquitoes per acre appears to grow according to the formula N=100.1t+2where t is the number of days since the last... more
Formulas Value


Textbook Value

The value of a certain textbook decreases according to the formula V=45*20.9twhere V is the value of the textbook in dollars and t is the age of the textbook in years. What is the book worth when... more
Formulas Formula


I need a formula?

I need to calculate annual growth. So if i grow my wealth by 1.5% each year. I need to know the formula for how to project 2040 without actually doing each year.
Formulas Math Word Problem


You want to purchase a new car in 5 years and expect the car to cost $61,000.

You want to purchase a new car in 5 years and expect the car to cost $61,000. Your bank offers a plan with a guaranteed APR of 5.5 % if you make regular monthly deposits. How much should you... more


word problem?

the cost, c, of buying t trees and b bushes together with delivery charge is c = 10t +6b +15 greg has £315 to spend and needs 35 bushes, how many trees can he buy?


I need the formula that answers this question??

I am a stock trader who earns 3% on my account each month.If I start with an initial investment of 100$, earn 3% growth each month, while also adding an additional 100$ to the account each month,... more


Finding variable value in formulas

1. r=2s—2t. Solve for t. When I try to solve, I get (2s—r)/(2) but the book says the answer is s—(r/2)      2. (A/P) = B—1. Solve for B. Again, when I try to solve I get (A/P)+1 and the book... more


How to solve C= -2—2(3/7)

Hi I need help solving this : C= -2—2(3/7)


Find value of c : a=vb^2 +c^2 if a=25 and b=20

Hi, I need help with solving the equation


G=2b(R-r). Solve for r

Hi, I need help how to solve for r 
Formulas Variable


P=2l +2w If l=3.75 and P= 12.26. Solve for w

Hi, I need help solving for w


Find value of unknown variable ?

P=2l+2w   If l=3.75 and P= 12.26


If A=450 , h=9 find the value of b ?

in the formula A=1/2bh , If A=450 , h=9 find the value of b ?


Percentage and math question.

I have a bill that costs 839.21, i pay 322.70, my friend pays 316.40, and her friend pays 200.11, what is the percentages that each of us pay for that bill? Also a generous person has decided to... more
Formulas Chemistry Hydrogen


Hydrogen forms compounds with C,N,O, and F that have formulas CH4, NH3,H2O, and H. Predict the formulas hydrogen forms with P,Cl ,Si , and S.

Hydrogen forms compounds with C,N,O, and F that have formulas CH4, NH3,H2O, and H. Predict the formulas hydrogen forms with P,Cl ,Si , and S.
Formulas Chemistry Compounds


Name and define two types of formilas that can be used to describe compounds

Name and define two types of formulas that can be used to describe compounds
Formulas Algerbra


What are the dimensions of the base of each footing?

The problem     Sam is filling holes with cement to make footings for his deck. Each hole is 1 1/4 feet deep and has a square base. Sam needed 22.5 cubic feet of cement to fill eight holes. What... more


formula x=

The expression 3x2 – 6x – 105 can be used to model the height of a ball thrown in the air after x seconds. Use the quadratic formula provided below to Xigure out how long will... more


Your rectangular yard has a length of 50 feet and a width of 45 feet you want to fence in your yard. How much fencing do you need

We are learning about dirt which is the formula of distance=rate(time) 


When to use these formulas?

Arithmetic: A. an=a1+(n-1)d   B. Sn=n(a1+an)/2   Geometric: C. an=a1(r)n-1   D. Sn=a1(1-rn)/1-r   Infinite Geometric: E. S∞ = a1/1-r   Can you give me examples of problems that will... more

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