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Can anyone help me with this problem?

Consider the forces on a banging door. Apart from gravity, there is a force from the surface that the door strikes and another force on the hinges on which the door swings. Let the door have width... more


How to find angular momentum from a graph

I have been give a time v torque graph and asked to determine the change in angular momentum. My textbook does not go over this and my professor hasn’t cover this.

Why is less force required to open a door when we apply a force at a greater distance from the hinge?

I know that the magnitude of a torque increases with the distance from the axis of rotation. What is the reason of that : how can a force exert a greater torque when the force is applied at a... more

Why does an unhinged body rotate about its centre of mass?

If a force is applied to a body which does not act through its centre of mass, it rotates about its centre of mass and not any other point. Why?


Torque direction meaning?

I apologize if this question is dumb, but I've looked all over for a straightforward answer and either I can't find one or the terms are too complex for me to understand. I have only a rudimentary... more


finding angular velocity and regular velocity when bouncing off a surface with friction?

Take the game of pong as a simple example. When you hit the ball with a paddle that has a frictional surface, the ball will spin as well as change direction according to the coefficient of kinetic... more


Torque Problem (Door)

Question: Two children push on opposite sides of a door during play. Both push horizontally and perpendicular to the door. One child pushes with a force of 17.5 N at a distance of 0.600 m from the... more

A wheel of mass 10 kg and radius 2m rotates with angular velocity w= 2pi rad/s

a)If constant torque is applied to the wheel and it comes to rest in 2 seconds, what is the magnitude of the angular acceleration? b) Calculate the magnitude of the torque required to bring the... more
Torque Physics


a uniform meter stick...

A uniform meter stick has a 40.0 g mass placed at the 20 cm mark as shown in the figure, If a pivot is placed at the 42.5 cm mark and the meter stick remains horizontal in static equilibrium, what... more


A load of 10kN is hauled by a winch of diameter 0.2m. Calculate the applied torque on the winch shaft.

Must be using (T=Fr)
Torque Physics Forces


Physics: Torque multiple choice question

In comparing two unequal forces on a rigid body, is it possible to have the larger force produce less torque than the smaller force?     a. Yes b. No


Torque applied to the end of an axle will result in the same torque being felt at the other end of the axle.

Will changing the diameter or length of the axle change this relationship?

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