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How do I find my unique voice as an improviser?

Fusion Melting


Differentiate between Melting and fusion

Differentiate between Melting and fusion


Physics: Calorimetry

Calorimetrya. How much heat needs to be taken from 0.5 kg of ethyl alcohol as a gas at its boiling point of 78.0 C to a solid at its freezing point -114 C if the latent heat of vaporization is... more


Physics: latent heat of fusion

If you want to find the latent heat of fusion, you take a cup with 0.755 kg of water at 30.00 C and drop 0.0850 kg of ice initially at 0.000 C and it all reaches an equilibrium temperature of 19.00... more


Where does the mass to energy conversion take place?

As I understand, the nuclear bomb "little boy" detonated over Hiroshima converted about the mass of a paper clip into energy during the explosion. Now, as far as I understand what was going on,... more


help with fusion

    during fusion   a.  work is done to combine two small nuclei b.  the nucleons lose mass c.  mass is converted inot energy d.  all of these   thanks


help with fission and fusion

1.  durring fission   a.  work is done to pull nucleons out of th nucleus b.  the nucleons lose mass c.  mass is converted into energy  (I say no to this answer) d.  all of these   I think... more

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