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Equation Word Problem


In winter, the price of apples suddenly went up by $0.75 per pound. Sam bought 3 pounds of apples at the new price for a total of 5.88

write an equation to determine the original price per pound (p) find the original price per pound  
Equation Word Problem Equations


The perimeter of this hexagon is 162 cm. Each longer side measures 1 cm more than twice a shorter side. Find the length of the side labeled x.

Here's what the hexagon looks like on my worksheet, just in case. http://imgur.com/5YxRcMf   And I still don't quite understand how to find the length of the side labeled x.
Equation Word Problem Equations


The length of a rectangle is 3 cm less than 4 times the width. The perimeter is 114 cm. Find the width.

I know there's supposed to be a variable, but I don't know how to create the equation.
Equation Word Problem


movie tickets

At the movie theatre, child admission is $6.10 and adult admission is $9.80. On Monday, 133 tickets were sold for a total sales of $1007.40. How many child tickets were sold that day?
Equation Word Problem


Very hard math question – need help fast

"There are 57 students. 18 Greek, 13 Finns, 6 Russians and 20 Swedes. The students study in groups. A group always consists of one or more students. If a group has at least 2 students that are of... more
Equation Word Problem


Middle has 250 fewer people than twice the population of North. combined there are 2858 people. how many people live in North

How do I set up the equation to solve this?
Equation Word Problem


not quite understanding...

  2.)    When  Jason  arranges  his  toy  soldiers  in  rows  of  6,  he  has  1  left  over.    When  he   arranges  them  in  rows  of  8,  he  has  3  left  over.    When  he  arranges  them  in... more
Equation Word Problem


mph, and how many miles they are apart

joyce left a reasturant and travled at 35 mph. an hour later, kevin left the same reasturant and traveled at 45 mph in the oppostire direction. how long has kevin travled when they are 400 miles... more
Equation Word Problem Equation


Write and solve and equation to determine the perimeter of the trianlge

The perimeter of a triangle increased by 6 is the same as 42 decreased by 8 times the perimeter. Write and solve and equation to determine the perimeter of the triangle.
Equation Word Problem


A boy has 7 more dimes than quarters. The total value of the coins is 4.90. Find the number of dimes and quarters

I don't know if this problem is solvable or if I need more information.
Equation Word Problem Equation


Cost of two items must equal $700

Karen has a set budget of $700 for flowers for the reception. Roses cost $18 per dozen and daisies cost $10 per dozen. If 50 dozen flowers are to be purchased, how many dozen of each type can be... more
Equation Word Problem


How many students attended the party?

the number of students that attended was 150 more than thr number of adults. student tickets cost $3 and adult tickets cost $5. a total of $4730 was collected.
Equation Word Problem


i had a question that went like i guess a number multiply it by 3 add 4 divide the answer by 4 the answer is 3 less than the number i guessed

how would i write the equation
Equation Word Problem


Evan has $2.55 more than Richard. Jonas has four time as Evan. the three boys have $24.15 altogether how much money does jonas have?

Evan has $2.55 more than Richard.  Jonas has four times as much money at Evan.  The three boys have $24.15 altogether.  How much money does Jonas have
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The average prescription prices P (in dollars) from 1997 through 2004

can be approximated by the model P=0.1220t^2 + 1.529t + 18.72, 7 <= t <=14, where t represents the year, with t=7 corresponding to 1997. a) determine algebraically when the average retail... more
Equation Word Problem


At the pet fair, Darlene's dog weighted 5 times as much as Leah's dog. Together, the dogs weighed 84 pounds. How much did each dog weigh?

Complete the bar graph model.  Write an equation and solve.
Equation Word Problem


The length of the porch is 2 feet longer than twice the width, and the perimeter is 64 feet. Find the dimensions of the porch.

Complete showing all necessary work. The variables must be identified, there must be a visual representation(ie diagram, table, etc), an equation must be used, the solution must be shown and the... more
Equation Word Problem


What equation do you get if the persons weight on earth is 80 pounds more than the moon weight? Moon weight is 6 times more than earth weight.

What equation do you get if the persons weight on earth is 80 pounds more than the moon weight? Moon weight is 6 times more than earth weight.
Equation Word Problem


solve an equation for each situation

You want to buy a bouqet of yellow roses and baby's breath for $16. The baby's breath costs $3.50 per bunch, and the roses cost $2.50 each. You want one bunch of baby's breath and some roses for... more
Equation Word Problem


You have a $31,000 student loan. Suppose you pay the loan off in two and a half years (30 months)

You have a $31,000 student loan. Suppose you pay the loan off in two and a half years (30 months) Estimate your monthly payment by ignoring interest. Show all of your work and round your answer to... more
Equation Word Problem


I can't figure out this word problem involving equations

I need help on this equation problem:     A group of 19 students want to see the show at the planetarium. Tickets cost $11 for each student who is a member of the planetarium's frequent visitor... more
Equation Word Problem Equation


What equation can be used to determine how much money Sara spent on paperback novels?

Sara spent $153 of her saving at the mall. She bought clothes, a few paperback novels, and an $18 DVD. She spent 4 times as much on clothes as she did on the paperbacks.
Equation Word Problem


Write a system of two equations in two variables to solve the problem.

A retired couple invested part of $13,000 at 6% interest and the rest at 7.5%. If their annual income from these investments is $870, how much was invested at each rate
Equation Word Problem


A helicopter flies 168 miles against the wind in 2 hours; with the wind, it can fly 252 miles in the same time.

I need to find the speed of the helicopter in still air.

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