Tumaiesla G.

asked • 09/18/15

The average prescription prices P (in dollars) from 1997 through 2004

can be approximated by the model P=0.1220t^2 + 1.529t + 18.72, 7 <= t <=14, where t represents the year, with t=7 corresponding to 1997.
a) determine algebraically when the average retail price was $40 and $50. 
b)Verify your answer to part a) by creating a table of values for the model.
c) According to the model. when will the average retail price reach $75
d) Do you believe the model could be used to predict the average retail price for years beyond 2004? Explain your reasoning.
Help me please, my test is coming soon and I don't really know how to use my knowledge for application in this theme.

1 Expert Answer


Michael J. answered • 09/18/15

Great at Simplifying Complex Concepts and Processes

Imtiazur S.

Fat fingered the voting.  Meant to click thumb up.  Sorry


Michael J.

That's okay.  As long as my answer was helpful.


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