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Find the value of a and b if (a-2)+3bi=7+6i

This is for my math analysis class, and I can't quite figure out how to do it!
Complex Numbers


Complex number in standard form?

Write the complex number in standard form:   the problem is actually (3-2i) to the second power:(3-2i)^2  (times) (3+2i) all over (5-i) So the question is: (3-2i)^2... more
Complex Numbers Standard Form


write the complex number in standard form?

write the complex number in standard form: (3-2i)^2(3+2i)                                                              ... more
Complex Numbers


complex number

multiply:-                (2√-3+3√-2) by (4√-3-5√-2)
Complex Numbers


How can u subtract a variable from. A whole # and that variable?

For example x-5x would it remain 5x or just 5?
Complex Numbers


complex numbers equation derivation

How is the expansion of the square of |z1+z2| derived?
Complex Numbers



Find the value of X and Y  
Complex Numbers



find the exact solutions to the quadratic equation in the complex numbers 
Complex Numbers


what is the vertex of f(x)=-3x^2+7x+12

I need to find the vertex and the x-intercepts
Complex Numbers


calculate n plot (uv)18 if u is 2-2i and v 1-1i

calculate n plot (uv)18 if u is 2-2i and v 1-1i


using demoivre's theorem, what is the value of (8-8iv 3)^3/4

I am having trouble understanding demoivre's theorem. I am not quite grasping the concept. Please help with this homework problem.
Complex Numbers


4 divided by i

I need help with the problem 4/i

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