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Complex Math Number Help


Help with complex numbers

Hello i'm getting ambiguity with the expression 1^i. 1 can be written as e^0 or e^(2pi*i) this leads to confusion because solving (e^0)^i, I obtain 1 and I simplify e^(2pi*i)^i and obtain e^(-2pi)... more

Complex Analysis - Analytic Functions

Show that   f(z)=[sin(PI/z)]/(z+2)  is nowhere analytic for |z|<a , where a is a some positive number.   Can you help me to solve this problem?

A pie cools in a 70 degree room. The pie is 300 degrees. After ten minuites the pie cools to 260 degrees

Create a formula then find the temp of the pie after 120 minuites 


Solving complex rational expression

Hi, I help solving this with steps :    (4/x) + (4/y) / (16/x^2y^2) 
Complex Complex Zeros


Help with finding out functions please.

 Given that f(x)  is a cubic function with zeros at −6  and −2i+4  , find an equation for f(x) given that f(−7)=−6.    I keep getting (x^3+6x^2+8x+48)/(9.5) but it is wrong.   Thanks in advance! 


When dealing with complex numbers, does the i term get integrated as well? An example is an integration for e^4i

I am doing complex analysis. I am stuck on integrating sin^2(4x), from 0 to 2pi. I have to show the integration in exponential form.
Complex Angle R


write the following in the polar form

Write the following in the polar form reiθ, -pie<0≤piea)πi r=θ=b)-2√2- 5ir=θ=c) (1-i)(-√(3)+i))r=θ=d)(√(2)-5i))2r=θ=e)(-5+√(2i))/(5+3i)r=θ=f) -√7(1+i)/ √(3) +ir=θ=


complex numbers

The Number System is built in stages to facilitate the four basic operations. It is extended to complex numbers to facilitate the computation of square roots of negative real numbers. All you need... more


Find the value of a and b if (a-2)+3bi=7+6i

This is for my math analysis class, and I can't quite figure out how to do it!

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