Addie K.

asked • 09/25/13

Complex number in standard form?

Write the complex number in standard form:
the problem is actually (3-2i) to the second power:
(3-2i)^2  (times) (3+2i) all over (5-i)
So the question is:

(3-2i)^2 (3+2i)

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Parviz F. answered • 09/26/13

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Susan L.

Parviz - was it your intention to change the given problem slightly using 3-2i for 3+2i so as to demonstrate how it is done and to not give the student the exact answer? I am new to this site and am not always clear on how to help out and not provide the exact answer. Perhaps this is an example of how to do that. Thanks.


Parviz F.

Not really. It just happened that I copied it wrong in scrolling the screen. 
  Giving the exact answer is not my problem. I always emphasize the fact that journey is more important than the destination.  Student's problem is mostly with journey, because they don't follow steps correctly, and most of the time they forged the answer.
  So, it is up to them to follow the steps with understanding each step. The way I write, shows them that how do I get from each step to next. Sometimes I do things in my head, and let them follow to find how did I get something. 


Susan L. answered • 09/25/13

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Susan L.

Final should be 17/2 - (7/2)i


Adrienne J. answered • 09/25/13

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