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Complex numbers problem, solving for Z1 and Z2

If Z1,Z2 are part of C such that Im(z1) = sqrt(3), |z2| = 2 and z1*z2 = 4(cos( 5pi/6 ) + sin( 5pi/6)i ). Find the values of Z1 and Z2.I was told that i could use the property of |z1*z2| = |z1||z2|... more
Complex Numbers Algebra 2


what is the quotient?

what is the quotient for the conjugate -1-4i
Complex Numbers Algebra 2


solve for x and y

Solve for x and y. 4x - 9i = - 8 + 3yi
Complex Numbers


Find The Product of (9+3i) and its conjugate

Find The Product Of (9+3i) and it’s conjugate.
Complex Numbers Math Polynomials


Identify the simplest polynomial function

Identify the simplest polynomial function having integer coefficients with the given zeros.4i, 3, −1
Complex Numbers Math Algebra 2 Precalculus


Complex Roots, solving a equation a+bi form

What are the roots of the equation 9x2+24x+19+0, in simplest a+bi form.
Complex Numbers Math Precalculus Trigonometry


How to find the 4th root of a complex number !!

What are the fourth roots of 6+6√(3i) ?Enter your answer by filling in the boxes. Enter the roots in order of increasing angle measure. (  )cis(  )(  )cis(  )(  )cis(  )(  )cis(  ) Hello! I really... more
Complex Numbers


Mathematics question

The complex exponential function ez is periodic with period??
Complex Numbers Trigonometry


Find the quotient of the complex numbers.

Find the quotient z1/z2 of the complex numbers.z1=cos90+isin90z2=cos200+isin200
Complex Numbers Precalculus Polarform Demoivre's


Precalculus Questions

1 .Write the complex number in polar form with argument θ between 0 and 2π. 1 + 3 i 5i(1 + i) 2.Find the product z1z2 and the quotient z1/z2. Express your answers in polar... more
Complex Numbers


Z1=2+2i and z2=-3-3i then |Z1+z2|

Complex Numbers Trigonometry


If z = cos theta + i sin theta, then z³ + 1/ z³ =

Complex Numbers Maths Maths Word Problem


Consider a complex number 𝑧 = 𝑎 + 𝑖𝑏 where 𝑎 and 𝑏 are real. Evaluate |𝑖𝑅𝑒(𝑖𝑧) + 𝐼𝑚(𝑧)| .

Need Quickk help on this question since my understanding of complex numbers isnt the best. Consider a complex number 𝑧 = 𝑎 + 𝑖𝑏 where 𝑎 and 𝑏 are real. Evaluate |𝑖𝑅𝑒(𝑖𝑧) + 𝐼𝑚(𝑧)| .


Math word problem

I need some assistance with a question involving complex numbers. The question is:Consider the complex number: 𝑧 = 3 − 3 𝑖. Evaluate:(i) 𝐼𝑚(𝑧) (ii) |𝑧| (iii) 𝐴𝑟𝑔(𝑧)
Complex Numbers


If 3 is a root of the equation, 2x^2+kx-5=0, find k and the other root

Complex Numbers Math Algebra 2 Polynomials


How do you find all the complex zeros/roots of a polynomial?

On my homework I have multiple questions asking for all complex zeros/roots. An example that I want answered is if f(x) = 5x^6-30x^5-43x^4+228x^3+22x^2+96x+16 and one of the zeros/roots is ... more


How do I write the polynomial function of 5/3 and 2i?

My worksheet is asking me to write a polynomial function of least degree with integral coefficients that has the given zeros. I don’t remember how to write polynomial functions with imaginary... more
Complex Numbers Algebra College Algebra


Complex numbers problem

Hi, what is the best way to rationalize the denominator and simplify the following: 2-3i/4+3iThanks!
Complex Numbers Geometry Polynomials


Help with geometry problem

Let $ABC$ be a triangle. Points $A_1, B_1, C_1$ are, respectively, on sides $BC, AC, AB$ and:$\frac{AC_1}{C_1B} = \frac{BA_1}{A_1C} = \frac{CB_1}{B_1A} eq 1$If $\frac{AB}{A_1B_1} =... more
Complex Numbers Precalculus


Complex Zeros: Find the remaining zeros of f

I just need one of my homework questions explained, because I really don’t understand... ”Information is given about a polynomial function f(x) whose coefficients are real numbers. Find the... more
Complex Numbers Algebra 2


Three complex numbers z1, z2 and z3 all have the same magnitude. Given the three numbers form the vertices of an equilateral triangle on an argand diagram, find each complex number.

The complex numbers are spaced evenly around the argand diagram Give your answer in the form a+bi

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