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How To Find an Indicated Power with DeMoivre's Theorem?

Find the indicated power using De Moivre's Theorem. (Express your fully simplified answer in the form a + bi.)
Demoivre's Theorem Precalculus


Use DeMoivre's Theorem to find the indicated power of the following complex number. (-3 + 3i)^4

I know the formula, but it says to put exponents between sin/cos and theta. That's the main part that confuses me.
Demoivre's Theorem


How do we know when to use theta=0 or 2pi in finding the 4th root of 100+0i

How do we know when to use theta=0 or 2pi in finding the 4th root of 100+0i using DeMoivre's theorem
Demoivre's Theorem Complex Numbers Mathematics


Complex number doubt

The continued product of the four values of (cos π/3  + isin π/3)3/4 =  1. 1 2. 1-i√3 3. 1+i√3 4. None of these
Demoivre's Theorem Complex Numbers Find The Power


Use DeMoivre's Theorem to find the power of the complex number : (1-i)^5 (write solution in a+bi form)

Complex numbers in polar form
Demoivre's Theorem Trigonometry


Demoivre's Theorem Question

Use DeMoivre's Theorem to find (sqrt(2)-i)^4   Step by Step, this is a practice problem my professor gave me 
Demoivre's Theorem Maths Complex Numbers Triangles


complex number

If one vertex of an equilateral triangle is 1+i and centroid is it's origin then other two vertices of triangle are?
Demoivre's Theorem


use the theorem below to

  Use the theorem below to find the indicated roots of the complex number.  B. Represent each of the roots graphically.  C. Express each of the roots in a standard form.  For a positive integer... more
Demoivre's Theorem


Use the Demoivre's theorem to find the indicated power of the complex number

Express the result in standard form  (√3+i)^5
Demoivre's Theorem


perform the operation and leave the result in trigonometric.

1). 4(cos40° + isin40°)/3(cos160°+isin160°)     2).[2/3(cosπ/3+isinπ/3)][9(cosπ/6+isinπ/6])]
Demoivre's Theorem


use DeMoivres theorem to find (-2i)^6

i need to see the step by step solution please help me 


using demoivre's theorem, what is the value of (8-8iv 3)^3/4

I am having trouble understanding demoivre's theorem. I am not quite grasping the concept. Please help with this homework problem.

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