Asked • 06/18/19

Do seventh chords and extended chords create more dissonance?

I'm wondering if seventh and extended chords are used to create dissonance/tension where the more you get to the basic triad the more consonant the sound. So C major > C major 7 > C major 9 > C major 11 > C major 13 Where C major is most consonant and C major 13 is most dissonant. So it's kind of a gradient of consonant/dissonance? I assume this also applies to C, C7, C9, C11, C13 and Cmin, Cmin7, Cmin9, Cmin11, Cmin13. (?) Or even combinations of them. I'm just talking about extended chords, and the more you increase the number (from 7 to 13).

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Nicholas C. answered • 06/28/19

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