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B5 power chord in A minor?

I'm trying to write a rock/punk song in the key of A minor and the chorus goes: B5, C5, G5, F5. The B chord in A minor is B diminished, does that mean I have to use the diminished chord or can I... more


Did Jeff Beck "play the changes" on Goodbye Porkpie Hat?

I have read several different accounts of Charles Mingus' reaction to Jeff Beck's cover of Goodbye Porkpie Hat. One account says he liked it and sent Jeff a note saying this while another says he... more


What's the difference between arpeggio and broken chord?

I always thought of them as synonyms, but googling around found that some people see them as different, with the distinctions changing depending on who you ask. Is there a formal distinction... more

How do I correctly borrow chords from one key to another?

So how does one decide to borrow chords? Let's say I am in the key of C Major. Can I borrow chords, say, from the G Major key? How does this work?


How to determine which (slash) chord to use?

I usually notice the patterns of making chord progressions with defining its root notes. These root notes actually the main notes that I will sing in and from there I can decide to use which chords... more


What key to use for a certain meaning or theme in the song?

I know this might be considered a very vague question, but I don't know where else to go. I've started songwriting recently and I'm still a beginner. I was wondering, what key(s) should I write my... more


How can you tell the chords of a piece of music if you can only hear bass and melody?

How can you tell the chords of a piece of music if you can only hear bass and melody? There are a lot of possibility that it can be more than a single chord..Also, would be better like this.. To... more


Chords and Melody?

I have a chord progression in Octave 3 , Bassline in Octave 1 , and the chorus and verse melody in Octave 2. ( Verse melody is lower pitch than chorus melody ) I wrote the verse and chorus melody... more


Which guitar chord sounds like A# note on the keyboard?

I am composing a tune using Ableton. The basic composition contains the note 'A#', and I want to add some acoustic strumming to it. However, I am new to guitar playing as well and can't seem to... more


How do I find chords to go with my melody in music I write?

I have written a number of tunes using just A,B,C, etc. to indicate notes. I have no musical knowledge so I am unable to find the appropriate chords to go with my tunes. Is there a an online... more

Film Scoring non-diatonic chord changes. Any good books?

so I've been reading about film scoring and how the composers typically use non-diatonic chord progressions (M3, m3 and tritone), for example C major to E-major and C major to E-flat major; to... more

How can I make two chords on the ukulele sound interesting for a whole song?

I'm accompanying my friend on one of her own songs with my uke. However, the song only has two chords the whole way through! The chords are `Dm` and `Am` - eight even beats of each. It's mostly... more


What is a Neapolitan 6th?

In studying music theory I have heard the term Neapolitan 6th quite a few times, but I'm not quite sure what it is. What is a Neapolitan 6th and how is it used in a composition?
Chords Radii


If a line is tangent to a circle, then it is ___________ to the radius drawn to the point of tangency.

If a line is tangent to a circle, then it is ___________ to the radius drawn to the point of tangency.


Geometry Help for Unit Review

(1) A tower has an observation deck about 330 m above ground level. About how far is it from the observation deck to the horizon knowing that the Earth's radius is 6400 km?   (2) What is the... more

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