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Ap Chemistry Chemistry


Need help with 2 AP chem questions.

Q1: A piece of magnesium was added to excess HCL at 725 mm Hg and 28.0°C. If 38.0 mL of hydrogen was collected over 20.0°C water, what is the mass of the magnesium?Q2: In the reaction Mg(s) +... more
Ap Chemistry Heat Heat Of Vaporization


Ap Chem question

How many kilojoules of heat are absorbed when 1.25 mol  is converted from liquid at 15.0℃ at vapor at 25.0℃? The specific heat of  (l) is 4.18 J/g℃. The heat of vaporization of water is 44.0... more
Ap Chemistry Enthalpy


What is the specific heat capacity of NaOH(aq)

Ap Chemistry Chemistry


predicting hybridization

For the following structure, predict the hybridization about the central atom. Use superscripts as needed.X---Y---X*Y has 6 lone pairs
Ap Chemistry Chemistry Ap Chem


Calculate the percent ionization of 0.125 M lactic acid in a solution containing 8.5×10−3 M sodium lactate.

Express your answer using two significant figures.
Ap Chemistry


Ionization energy

Arrange the following species in order of decreasing first ionization energy:ArCaXeNe
Ap Chemistry


enthalpy change

When 3.02 g of NH4Cl  is dissolved in enough water to make 20.05 mL of solution, the temperature dropped from 19.8°C to 9.1°C. Calculate the enthalpy change (in kJ) when 1 mole of NH4Cl is... more
Ap Chemistry Chemistry


Calculating ΔH°

Calculate ΔH° for the following reactionZn(s) + CuSO4(aq) → ZnSO4(aq) + Cu(s)
Ap Chemistry


Finding the empirical formula of an unknown metal chloride using gravimetric analysis

Balanced Equation: AgNo3 (aq) + *MCl (s) —> AgCl (s) + MNO3 (aq)*”M”stands for the unknown metalMass of filter paper: 1.140 gramsMass of precipitate and filter paper: 1.2999 gramsWhat is the... more
Ap Chemistry Chemistry


magnesium ribbon

True or falseIf I have excess magnesium ribbon at the end of the reaction, I don't need to do a titration because I can assume that HCl was completely consumed.
Ap Chemistry Chemistry


coffee cup calorimetry

1) In this virtual lab, you will use coffee cup calorimetry to determine the specific heat, c, of a metal. Imagine that, in lab, you record the mass of a piece of metal, mmetal, as m(metal) =45.00... more
Ap Chemistry Chemistry


ΔHrxn reactions

Given these reactions,X(s) +1/2 O2(g) --> XO(s)ΔH=-539.5 kJXCO3(s) --> XO(s)+CO2(g)ΔH=+266.3 kJwhat is ΔHrxn for this reaction?X(s)+1/2 O2(g)+CO2(g) --> XCO3(s)
Ap Chemistry Chemistry


Gas mixtures

A gas mixture is made by combining 7.2g each of Ar, Ne, and an unknown diatomic gas. At STP, the mixture occupies a volume of 17.07L. What is the molar mass of the unknown gas in g/mol, and... more
Ap Chemistry Chemistry


Hydrochloric Acid

When aluminum is placed in concentrated hydrochloric acid, hydrogen gas is produced. What volume of H2(g) is produced when 6.50 g of Al(s) reacts at STP?
Ap Chemistry Moles Beer's Law


Molarity Written Response

Angelica made 100mL of a 3.5M salt solution. She wanted to dilute this solution to make 100mL of a 2.1M solution. She calculated that she needed 60mL of her stock solution. She added the 60mL to... more
Ap Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Lab


Hydrchloric acids

When calcium carbonate is added to hydrochloric acid, calcium chloride, carbon dioxide, and water are produced.  CaCO3 + 2HCl = CaCl2 (aq) + H2O + CO2 A.)How many grams of calcium chloride will be... more
Ap Chemistry Science Chemistry


Unknown compound combustion

An unknown compound contains only C, H, and O. Combustion of 6.10 g of this compound produced 14.4 g of CO₂ and 3.92 g of H₂O. What is the empirical formula of the unknown compound?
Ap Chemistry


What is the density of the solid object?

A certain liquid has a density of 0.79355 g/mL. A solid object with a mass of 43.51 grams is placed in a sample of the liquid (the solid is insoluble in the liquid). The total volume of the solid... more
Ap Chemistry


How many moles of sulfur atoms are present in 830 milligrams of allicin?

The compound responsible for the smell of garlic is called allicin. By mass, allicin is composed of 44.4% carbon, 6.2% hydrogen, 9.9% oxygen, and 39.5% sulfur. The molar mass of allicin is 162 g/mol.
Ap Chemistry


What is the percent abundance of the heaviest isotope?

A newly discovered element has an average atomic mass of 552.6209 amu. The element is found to have three isotopes. The first isotope has a mass of 551.1 amu and an abundance of 37.55 %. The second... more
Ap Chemistry


how Many grams of element z

137.34 grams of element X reacts with 67.41 grams of element Z to form a compound. How many grams of the same compound could be produced using 55.1 grams of element X with excess element Z?
Ap Chemistry


What is the average atomic mass of this element

Problems SetB » SummerB_08A newly discovered element is found to have four isotopes. The first isotope has a mass of 628.7 amu and a percent abundance of 24.21 %. The second isotope has a mass of... more
Ap Chemistry


What is Percent Yeild of reaction

0.428 liters of hydrogen gas was reacted with excess fluorine gas to produce hydrogen fluoride. Given that the density of the hydrogen gas is 0.082 g/L, what was the percent yield of the reaction... more
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