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Chemistry lab question:

my lab: Percent Copper in Brass by using spectroscopy
I have Copper(II) nitrate solution
           Copper(II) sulfate solution
          Iron(III) nitrate solution
          Iron(III) chloride solution
          Zinc nitrate solution
          Zinc sulfate solution 
There is question of the guided inquiry:
Compare the visible spectra for the metal salt solution studied by the class.
1. For each solution ,determine the species (cation and/ anion) that is responsible for the absorbance spectrum. Explain your reasoning
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1 Answer

Dear Qing,
Without being able to see the spectrum (spectra) there's no way I can answer this question.  No doubt the concentrations of cation and/or anion can be determined by Beer's Law, but I can't say anything beyond that without being able to see the spectrum or spectra.
William S.
Aliquippa, PA