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What was the origin of the Classical Antiquity culture?

I many times heard a version that the advances of the Ancient Greek culture were in fact borrowed from Egypt or the Middle East. I will not buy this. Classical Antiquity civilization had a lot of features which put it apart from any Asian or African civilization and which thus could not be borrowed. Such features include - extensive and realistic fine arts, especially sculpture - narrative literature of non-religious character - philosophical research based on logic, experiment and cross-references between authors - extensive deductive legal system and idea of the people as the source of power, idea of counter-balances and checks on the supreme power and others. Another idea, that these features were inherited from Proto-Indo-Europeans does not explain why other IE peoples did not exhibit similar culture. It seems that proto-Classic civilization originated in the Balkans and encompassed several diverse peoples of IE origin (Proto-Greeks, Thracians (including Dacians), Illirians, Macedonians, Liburgians, Messapians, Paeonians, Bryges (later known as Phrygians), possibly also proto-Italians). So my question is - What are the arguments pro and contra of proto-Classical civilization in the Balkans? - Are there any remains that point that such civilization existed? - Whether there are other theories of the origins of the Classical culture? - If proto-Classical culture existed, whether it played any prominent role in Europe such as playing a role of a cultural center?

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