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Probability using dice

Using two number cubes numbered 1 through 6, think about the event of rolling a sum that is less than five. This event would consist of all of the outcomes where the sum is less than 5. List the... more
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Use the quadratic formula to solve for the roots of the following equation. x 2 – 4x + 13 = 0

  x 2 – 4x + 13 = 0
Algebra 2 Help


You have a frame that will hold six photographs and you have ten photographs to pick from. How many ways can you arrange the six photos?

permutations and permurations with repeated elements 
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What is the x-intercept of f(x) = log4x?

This is my final question on my homework page, and I am having a complete brain fart. Help would be greatly appreciated as to how I find the x-intercept. Thank you!
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Solving a system of equations

Solve the system:{x2+ y2=25{x2+ (y + 8)2= 41


explicit formula problem

Malcolm's parents put $1,200 into a savings account when he was born in 2006. every birthday, Malcolm's parents deposit 10% more than the previous year.Determine the explicit formula for the... more
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Your friend deposits $1500 in an investment account that earns 4.6% annual interest. Find the balance after 14 years when the interest is compounded quarterly

Finding the balance after 14 yrs when interest is compounded quarterly.  
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Equilateral triangle UNIT circle

An equilateral triangle is inscribed in the unit circle. find the exact perimeter of the equilateral triangle.
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Write a rule for g described by the transformation of the graph of f

Let g be a reflection in the y-axis, followed by a translation of 5 units left of the graph of f(x) = 4∛x-1
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Think about a plan

your friend multiplies x+4 by a quadratic polynomial and gets the result x^3-x^2-24x+30. The teacher says that everything is correct except of the constant term. Find the quadratic polynomial that... more
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The equation h(t)=-16t^2+80t describes the height "h" of a ball thrown up in the air, where "t" is the time in seconds. How many seconds does it take the ball to reach the ground?
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The height "h" of a fleas jump in millimeters can be modeled by the function h(t)=-4000t^2+3000t, where t is the time in seconds. What is the maximum height that the flea will reach? What time will... more


The function represents the height y (in feet) of the paintbrush t seconds after it is dropped. After how many seconds does the paint brush land on the ground?

While standing on a ladder, you drop a paintbrush. The function represents the height y (in feet) of the paintbrush t seconds after it is dropped. After how many seconds does the paint brush land... more

Word problem

The maximum distance (d) 696 can see from the top of a building with height (h) is approximated by the form D=ksqrt(h). Apartment buildings A and B are 9 and 16 stories high, respectively. if these... more

Function problem

F(x)=4x^2-16 how can the domain of function f be restricted so that f^-1 is also a function? what is the equation of f^-1?


You are a business owner. You would like to know how many tickets you need to sell for a show to make a profit. Currently you are selling each ticket for $5.00, but for every $0.50 increase in the... more


MathHelp please!

When looking at a rational function, Bella and Edward have two different thoughts. Bella says that the function is defined at x = −1, x = 2, and x = 4. Edward says that the function is undefined at... more
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A ball is thrown straight up from the ground with an initial velocity of 64 feet per second. After how many seconds will it return to the ground?

algebra 2; word problems involving quadratic equations 
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write an eqation in slope intercept form for the line that passes through (1,-2) and (3,7)

This is a question that I have on my algebra two test. I completely bombed the test and our student teacher is giving us a chance to redo it. I have a hard time understanding math, but usually I do... more
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Please help me i have no idea how to do this, please show step by step, thank you

The table below displays the enrollment at the westside high during the years 1996-2001Year:1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001enrollment:1582, 1635, 1674, 1723, 1745, 1801 A. make a scatter plot of... more
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Create a function with the following domain: x<-4

A math problem that I need help with 
Algebra 2 Help


Algebra 2 !!

It costs a silversmith 80$ to make 100 rings and 200$ to make 500 rings. Assuming a linear relationship and cost is a function of rings, how much does it cost to make 1,500 rings? 
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Simplifying Exponets

how do you simplify (xy^-2)^-3 (-2x^-2 y^3)^2
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i can't figure it out

(2x2y)-3 (3xy-2)2 divided by (6xy)-1

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