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Algebra 1 word problem

The mean height of the students is Marta’s class is 60 in. There are 18 students in her class. Write and solve and equation to find the total measure of all students’ heights.

the question was to big for the summary box, but please help me with the question

a family decides to rent a boat while on vacation. the boat's rental rate is $500 for the first two hours and $50 for each additional half hour. suppose the family can spend $700 for the boat. what... more

a exceeds b by 20%, and b is twice as large as c. what percent of a is c?

 there are none  

Your test scores in one class are 78 and 86.

Your test scores in one class are 78 and 86.What possible scores can you earn on your next test to have a test average between 82 and 88, inclusive?

My question= what is an equation that has at least two grouping symbols and there is no solution to it

There is nothing more to it. I can't think of any and can't find anything on google.

What is the probability you withdrew a nickel and then a dime if the bag held ten pennies, six nickels, and five dimes?

You reach into a bag of coins and withdrew two coins without replacement. What is the probability you withdrew a nickel and then a dime if the bag held ten pennies, six nickels, and five dimes?

i need help on how to solve this question?

An office manager spent 650.00 on a new energy saving copier that will reduce the monthly electric bill from 112.00 to 88.00. In how many months will the copier pay for itself?

An actor invests some money at 9​%...

An actor invests some money at 9%, and $35000 more than four times the amount at 11 %. The total annual interest earned from the investment is $40950. How much did he invest at each amount? Use the... more

The length of a rectangle is two less than three times number x and the width is five more than that same number

Draw a diagram that represents the rectangle be sure to label the sides in terms of unknown x

Write an inequality for each verbal statement

A. . The maximum height in the parking garage is 8 ft (Let h represent the height of the parking garage)B. The class scores on the geometry test ranged from 55% to 98% (Let g represent the scores... more

A movie theater sends out a coupon for 70% off the price of a ticket.

a) Write an equation for the situation, where y is the price of the ticket with the coupon, and x is the original price of the ticket. Use integers or decimals for any numbers in the expression.

Which of the following graphs shows the value of the antique clock, y, in dollars, after x years?

Samuel took an antique clock that his grandfather had purchased, to be appraised. The appraiser evaluated the current price of the clock to be $400 and stated that the value will continue to... more

How do I do this?

one angle of a triangle measures 5 more than three times the measure of the second angle. The measure of the third angle is 15 less than twice the sum of the first angle. What are the measures of... more

Algebra forming expressions

Beth is 3 years old than Alan Clara is 2 years younger than Alan Donna is 3 times Alan's age Emma is half Alan's age Fiona is 2 years younger than Donna Georgia is twice Beth's age Hannah is... more

Isosceles triangle - algerbra 1

The length of one of the equal sides is (15x-4) inches. The length of the non-equal side is (3x+2) inches. If the perimeter of the triangle is (40x-41) inches, find the numerical values of x, the... more

The length of a rectangle is three more than twice the width, and the perimeter is 36 inches. What is the rectangles area?

I've been stuck on this for a while now, please helppp!!!

Briana needs $73 more dollars to buy the bike. Molly needs $65 more. What is the price of the bike?

Briana and Molly want to buy the same model bicycle. Briana needs $73 more dollars to buy the bike. Molly needs $65 more. If they combine their money, they will have just enough to buy one bicycle... more

Three times the sum of a number and 4 is 8 less than one-half the number. Write and solve an equation to find the number.

This question is asking me to right and solve an equation with the situation given. 

Math Word problem including equations - Algebra 1

Can I have help on this math question? Here it is (Haris was selling tickets for the school play. She sold 15 more adult tickets than children tickets and she sold three times as many senior... more
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